Yes, Your Airbnb Should Have Seasonal Décor (and Here’s How)

Welcome your Airbnb guests for the holidays with seasonal decor, filling it with candles, garlands and ornamentations to make your rental feel festive. But when it comes to dressing up the palace, just where does an Airbnb host begin? Here are some ideas, tips and tricks to make your guests’ stay unique and memorable, so they return and tell all their friends. 

Invoke Holiday Memories with Seasonal Scents

Seasonal decor is sure to make guests feel right at home, but seasonal scents will leave your Airbnb smelling wonderful for the winter. With a few well-placed winter candles on the fireplace mantel or situated on a tray on the coffee table with other decor, it invites guests to enjoy the holiday smells of sugar cookies, fresh cedar and holly berries. Scent plays a huge role in evoking memories, and it could make your Airbnb unforgettable.  

Pick a scent that matches the decor too. For crisp and cool winter candles, go with the Hygge theme throughout your Airbnb. Prefer not to leave out candles for your guests? Then use reed diffusers or plug in a Pura Smart home diffuser that can be programmed as you wish effortlessly. 

Choose a Seasonal Theme That Works with Existing Decor

Take a look around your Airbnb and consider working in seasonal items with its existing decor. Decor for a cabin nestled in the mountains might look completely different from a beach cottage. For example, for a cabin retreat Airbnb, you could add cute ski chalet decor like a vintage ice skate hung on the front door and filled with holly. But for a beach cottage Airbnb, you could add a mini Christmas tree made out of driftwood and seashell ornaments. 

Stick with your Airbnb’s existing color palette too. While red and green are quintessential Christmas colors, they may not work with your aesthetic. Instead, you may want to swing more toward blues or whites or simply add metallics of silver and gold.  

Extra Tip: If you have a spare closet in your Airbnb rental, use it to store containers and boxes of your seasonal decor, listing each holiday — Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. — so you or your housekeeper can swap out items whenever the time arrives.

Consider Your Typical Guests

As you develop a game plan to decorate for the holidays, consider who your average renter might be. If you cater to families, then you might make your seasonal decor a little more playful and can even consider a Christmas tree, Menorah and stockings hung by the fire. But if you mainly cater to business travelers, keep the decor simple with a small tablescape and a few extra blankets to help them stay warm. 

Fill the Space with Plush and Cozy Textures

Your Airbnb might have everything it needs for the summer months. But, come winter, it’s time to swap out the lighter materials with warm and cozy textures. For example, replace the breathable bed linens with a soft flannel and drape a chunky knit throw at the foot of the bed. Place a faux sheepskin throw across an ottoman entryway bench for a luxurious feel to a space and dress any existing throw pillows in a plaid or velvet pillowcase. If you feel extra ambitious and want to save on your energy costs, rotate window treatments with thermal curtains to keep heat from escaping. 

Remember to Keep Seasonal Decor Minimal 


When decorating for the holidays, it’s easy to get carried away. However, the key to decorating an Airbnb is to think minimally. Don’t go too overboard by filling every nook and cranny. Instead, opt for a few seasonal decor items here and there to fill in the gaps. For example, when decorating for Christmas, consider adding some garland over the doorway and a wreath to welcome your guests. Inside the home, place a vase of poinsettias on the entryway table or a centerpiece on the dining table of harvesty elements like pumpkins and birch. And remember: keeping the decor minimal and straightforward makes an Airbnb host’s life a little easier too. In just a few extra hours, you can transform your space into a cozy holiday retreat. 

Leave Your Guests Seasonal Treats or a Gift Basket

Airbnb hosts that go above and beyond always think of little extra touches they can offer their guests to make their stay more comfortable. And what better way to do so than with a gift basket filled with seasonal treats? Whatever size of gift basket you leave for your guests, add a few consumables like hot cocoa and marshmallows, candy canes or even homemade and fresh-baked gingerbread cookies. Of course, seasonal fruits, wine and champagne are always a lovely addition too. 

Add a Decorative Souvenir They Can Take Home

It doesn’t have to be a seasonal treat either. You could also offer them a small souvenir gift to say thank you for choosing your place for their family holiday getaway. Offer them a seasonal ornament from a local artisan or even a customized handmade ornament. You can easily find an Etsy maker to capture your cottage or cabin as a holiday ornament and make several to hand out to all your guests. Leave them a note to let them know they can keep it and carry it home. That way, they can look back on the memories (and want to book your Airbnb each and every year).

Update Your Photos and Listing to Reflect the Festive Look

With your decor in place, take a few extra photos. Temporarily swap out some photos (or add additional ones) to showcase the work you put into your Airbnb to prepare for the festivities. A little touch goes a long way, and discerning guests appreciate the extra thought, especially when planning a family vacation for the holidays. 

Furthermore, prepare some extra verbiage on your listing description that will put them in the spirit. Share some of the local holiday events in the area to entice them to join in on the merriment.