Vintage Home Décor Ideas

Vintage Home Décor Ideas
Planning to redo your home? We recommend you keep it classic with these budget-friendly Vintage Home Décor Ideas.


Why Vintage Home Décor and not something that’s “in?”

Vintage ideas never really went “out” so redoing your space using vintage items is a fantastic idea. Adding vintage elements around your house adds charm and gives it a timeless appeal. The best part, though? You can pick up these items for dirt-cheap prices from local bazaars.

Here are ten Vintage Home Décor ideas that will help you spruce up your space:


1. Floral Wallpapers

If your granny had a knack for decorating, then you’ll probably find them at her home. Floral wallpapers are an excellent way to add some love. You can pick out different wallpapers with colorful tones, textures or add your own element to it. Is there a better way to remember your Gram Grams?


2. Decorative Plates

Another ingenious way to redo your walls is to display your decorative plates on them. Your wall will attract more attention that paintings or frames. Now that’s one quintessential Vintage Home Décor idea.


3. Doilies

These are intricate mats made fabric or paper. They are ultra-feminine and don’t cost an arm and a leg. You can also go one step further by sewing together a couple of doilies and making a cute table runner perfect for afternoon tea parties.


4. Kitchen Canisters

Metal canisters are back for all the right reasons. They are quirky, functional and fun – what’s not to love? You can find them at all leading decor stores (they are also available at Westside) at affordable rates. Isn’t that a pretty Vintage Home Décor idea to store your cookies and cakes?


5. Classic Tableware

Your tableware speaks leaps and bounds. So make sure you invest in something that aligns with your taste and style. Opt for tableware with hints of gold or silver or if you’re into prints, then opt for the classic flower-printed set of tableware.


6. China Cabinets

China cupboards look pretty only when placed in the right spot. Store all your expensive china in your favorite color next to the floral wallpaper and you’ll have your guests admiring your creativity.


7. Cast Iron/Four Poster Beds

These beds have made a huge comeback and we ensure you, they are here to stay. Well-wrought iron beds will add a rugged look to your bedroom. But, if you want to add some glamour to your bedroom, then you must opt for a tasteful four poster bed.


8. Hope Chest

Adding a hope chest or a cedar chest will make your room look straight out of a 50’s magazine as well as add storage space. These chests were originally used to store albums, linen, clothing, etc. They are now increasingly used to add some charm to the bedroom.


9. Wooden Mirrors

Mirrors give an illusion of a bigger space. Hang large mirrors in smaller bedrooms to make them seem bigger than they really are. Wall mirrors come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Opt for a large decorative mirror in dark shades such as mahogany or deep brown.


10. Vintage Luggage

Gram Grams suitcases are an admirable Vintage Home Décor idea. Use luggage items such as trunks and suitcases as decoratives and storage spaces.  


Redoing your house is all fun and games until you go overboard and ruin the entire space. Use these Vintage Home Décor ideas in moderation and remember to stick to the basics of designing and decor.