5 Easy Ways to Update Your Apartment on a Budget

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Apartment on a Budget

When renting an apartment, it is tempting to settle for boring and outdated spaces. Landlords and property management companies only allow certain upgrades, and no renter wants to pour too much time and money into a temporary home. Thankfully, there are many ways to upgrade your rental and still get the deposit back. Utopia Management a property team interacting with thousands of loyal apartment dwellers shared these 5 easy do-it-yourself ideas to update your apartment on a budget.  


1. Start with the walls

Start with the walls

For many renters, a rental space full of white walls can feel boring or unwelcoming.

A few coats of paint or a neutral wallpaper can give the space a simple and immediate update.

If you decide to go with paint, consult your property manager before breaking out the paintbrush.

Most property management companies are flexible if the colour is neutral or you agree to repaint prior to move-out.

Removable wallpaper is also becoming a renter style of choice.

This is a new product on the market; as it becomes more popular, there are more styles and designs to choose from. 

A fresh coat of paint (or a removable wallpaper accent wall!) can go a long way without breaking the bank.


2. Move to the shower

Move to the shower

Renters can turn a bathroom into a spa-like experience by first swapping out an old showerhead for a fancy rain shower head.

Most showerheads are inexpensive and take less than an hour to install. 

After installation, put the old shower head somewhere safe until you move.

This allows you to take the spa experience with you when you go. 


3. Love your lights

Love your lights

Outdated light fixtures are one of the biggest eyesores in rental units.

Luckily for renters, lighting is one of the easiest switches. Swap out a couple of light fixtures with affordable, updated lighting.

Updates in the living room or kitchen space usually make the biggest impact.

You should reattach the original fixtures before moving but keep price and style in mind when choosing new lights for your rental space.

Unless you plan to use the new light fixtures forever, you can save a lot of money by going the simple and modern route.

Big difference, small cost.

A professional decorator looks to a light fixture to make a statement, where an apartment management company is typically choosing only the most basic and neutral fixtures.

Be bold, and invest even $100-200 in something you love.

This single change can affect the feel of the entire space.

When you move, take it with you. 


4. Keep the kitchen in mind

Easy Ways to Update Your Apartment on a Budget

For less than $50, you can also replace the hardware on the kitchen cabinets.

While some rental kitchens are hideous, others may have already been updated by the property management team. 

Either way, adding modern and unique hardware will take any kitchen area to the next level.

An outdated kitchen will get the immediate update it needs, while a more updated kitchen will start to feel more like home.

From glass to acrylic to metal, the options are endless!

An update of this simple and affordable is hard to beat.

You will likely end up leaving the hardware when you move out, so choose something neutral or get the landlord’s approval.


5. Décor, décor, décor

Easy Ways to Update Your Apartment on a Budget

If nothing else, adding a cosy touch to any rental space is only a few plants and throw pillows away.

This may seem obvious, but believe it or not, plants are often overlooked as a decorating tool in apartments, as people assume they are too difficult to thrive without very bright light.

Choose houseplants specific to indoor living, and even if they say “low light”, do try to set them in a bright room nearer a window.

Plants and greenery bring life to any space, from a vase of flowers to a potted leafy plant.

Updated décor is also a renter-friendly way to make space your own.

Some décor ideas to get you started could include throw pillows, string lights, area rugs, curtains, picture frames, and other shelf and table items.

Though this suggestion may seem obvious, the pro-decorator tip here is to choose an accent colour and coordinate nearly all of your pieces with some of that colour. 

An Aqua or Orange family as an accent is quite popular right now and works in grey, beige, or black families of colour.

It is amazing how a stack of books, a live plant, and some updated throw pillows and blankets add just the right amount of flavour to a living space.

Another perk? Décor is never permanent (which is music to a landlord’s ears)!


Wrap Up

An apartment is not a dream home.

Keep perspective that a rental is not forever, and it is okay to keep updates simple and affordable.

With a few hundred dollars and a few hours’ time, all of the updates on the list could be yours!

Think about your style, find some inspiration, and start with just one.

Your rental will feel more like you in no time!


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