Top 5 Things That Cost Little but Bring Huge Difference in Your Kitchen Decor

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Who doesn’t dream of a spacious kitchen with ample lighting and stylish designing that hooks everyone’s attention? However, we do not always get the kitchen according to our desires.

If you don’t have the fortune to spend, you can still modify your boring and dull kitchen into a fresh space with these clever tricks. Keep reading to steal five budget-friendly ideas that will refresh the existing space.    

1. Glass sheet backsplash makes the kitchen most elegant and clean

Dramatically elevate the look of the kitchen by adding a glass sheet backsplash. They are a modern trend in kitchen designing which lifts up the décor.  

If you are wondering why only glass? Here is your answer:

  • Reflects light

If your kitchen has less light, solid glass backsplashes can help you out. They give an impression of openness and reflect light, making the kitchen seem larger and bright.

  • Versatile option

If you have a black kitchen interior, wooden cabinets, or white countertops, glass sheet backsplashes blend well with every type of interior.

  • Easy to clean

The best part about glass backsplash is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, installing them behind the counters and cooking range is a cool idea.

Types of glass sheets

Glass sheet backsplashes are versatile and elegant. On top of that, there are different options to choose from. Frosted glass backsplashes look elegant and cute.

Colored glass sheets are one-step ahead and bring a pop to the kitchen. If your kitchen has neutral shades, choose a green or blue backsplash, while a red backsplash would rightly complement a black and white kitchen.

There is no doubt that glass sheet backsplash is a low-maintenance and reasonably priced option for a kitchen makeover.

Are you interested in something better?

There are endless opportunities to experiment with glass backsplashes. If you want a statement kitchen, antique mirror backsplash is the best solution for you. Not only does it look cool, but also the patterned design hides the imperfections and doesn’t require regular cleaning.

So, if you are one of those people who dislike cleaning every day, invest in the maintenance-free antique mirror backsplash to save yourself.

2.Glass board may serve to make note of the menu for trying new cooking every time

Did you think whiteboards and glass boards are only for kids, offices, and meeting rooms? We feel amazing to add it here that the glass board is a helpful tool in the kitchen too. Imagine, if you had to leave a note “Breakfast is in the fridge” for your kids before leaving for work, you can write it up there.

Moreover, if you want to try a new recipe, you could write that on the board. This way cooking can be fun and easier. Magnetic glass boards are a better option for the kitchen. You can put them on the fridge or other magnet holders wherever you want.

3.Incorporate a tabletop to serve fresh and tasty breakfast for obstinate kids

Does your kitchen miss a kitchen table? Complete the look of the chic kitchen by bringing an exclusive tabletop. It will become the focal point and a nice place to chat and have yummy food.

Moreover, your stubborn kids will love the classy idea. They will appreciate their breakfast set on the table. A slim and compact table is a practical solution for the kitchen as it minimizes the risk of bumping and doesn’t construct your workflow.  

Choose a contrast color like orange, blue, or red table for neutral themed kitchen. However, wooden, glass, and marble tabletops have always been in fashion. So, you are free to choose anything as long as it looks good and complements the kitchen theme.  

4. Pendant lights above the tabletop makes difference while eating a unique recipe

Ideally, you should install spotlights and bright halogen bulbs over the countertops and workstations. Moreover, the dining area should have ambient light, as it gives true colors to the meal. If you have moody kids, try incorporating oversized and stylish ceiling lights to get the kids in the mood during mealtimes.

Go for metallic and colorful pendants featuring geometric shapes and trendy patterns for a chic and statement feel. Good lighting makes meals enjoyable and offers a wonderful experience.

5. Make your cabinet even more attractive

If you think the cabinets are not in a good condition, install textured or patterned glass on the cabinet doors and enjoy the change. It instantly enhances the look and obviously reflects light, so the kitchen seems bigger. Fab Glass and Mirror offers different designs of cabinet glass, so check them out.

You can also change the handles of the cabinets. These days, metal, brass, and leather are hot choices. Add strip lights around the cabinets to add glow and have an appealing kitchen.

Final Thoughts!

However, if you are looking for a bigger change, you could look up for a kitchen remodeling that could bring that change of atmosphere that you’re looking for. This is how you can revamp your dull kitchen into a cheerful place. Follow these amazing yet pocket-friendly tricks to design the kitchen of your dreams.

Good luck!