Minimalist Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Do you sometimes think that your living room would look much better without a few things? That’s exactly what the minimalistic approach is all about.

Minimalism is the art of doing a lot with just a few things. Minimalist living room design is just north of scanty design elements but far away from the traditional home decor.

Many Interior Designers in Bangalore have been recently adopting a minimalistic approach to design the living rooms, especially since more clients have an affinity towards simple, neat and modern decor. At Decorpot, our home interior designers in Bangalore have also successfully designed many living rooms that depict modest yet sublime interiors that give a cosy, voguish look.

Let’s look at some of the interior design ideas that work the best.

5 Interior Design Ideas That Portrays Minimalism

1) Go for a Textured Monochrome Palette

A monochromatic palette can create a sophisticated space, even when the available area to work with is small if done right. But you may run the risk of being ‘too’ routine.

The best way to break up the monochromatic theme and avoid the space from becoming too monotonous is to use textures.

You can go for textured wallpapers in a monochromatic palette to set itself apart. When you pick out the furniture for the monochrome theme, choose the ones in the prominent colour of the room to keep with the wall colour. You can also go for textured materials for the decor like fabric decors, metals and wood to give the variation and achieve a polished look.

2) Create a Visual Balance with Empty Spaces

When we say empty spaces, most think of wasted areas. But it isn’t actually so. You can have empty spaces between the functional spaces to make sure that the living room isn’t too cluttered.

The key lies in creating a visual balance that doesn’t give an impression of an actual empty space. Instead, we need to create an area that looks minimalistic that highlights the decor. The interior designers in Bangalore generally use simple wall hangings and pictures to balance the spaces without stealing attention.

3) Create a Focal Point

Having a minimalistic living room means having as very few things as possible. So, when your home decor is less, then you need a focal point. This focal element should look minimal yet novel and gel with the theme of the room.

This focal point will make all the difference between a living room that looks sparse and one that looks ‘just right.’ When you take a look at a well-designed minimalist living room, you’ll find that a single focal point will grab your attention with sufficient room space with no unwanted attractions.

4) Declutter and Go with Greenery

If you’re afraid of overdoing the decor and crossing the line of minimalism, then you can swap out your usual home decor stuff with potted plants, flowers and climbers.

Especially for cosy living room interiors, our living room interior designers in Bangalore go with the green theme with a neutral wall background and same-coloured furniture would open up and add more visual space.

5) Keep the Colours to a Minimum

The one rule of minimalistic decor is to have just two or three colours maximum visible in the room. Make sure to pick the colours that go well with each other.

Only one colour should be the primary one, while the rest of the colours should be used in the textures, accents and wall designs. Don’t go for too many bright colours. It’s best to choose a neutral, light colour as the primary colour and one bright secondary colour to highlight the design.

For best Interior Designs you can follow these simple design ideas to create minimalistic living room interiors. Once you have the fundamentals right, you can add a few design elements to convert the space with a modern, industrial or cosy theme.