Tips for Moving Into Your First Apartment

Have you recently signed a lease to an apartment or are currently in the market for one? If so, after you have found the apartment that best suits your needs. There are a some really good movers that can make the moving process a cake walk. There’s a few more things you’ll want to keep in mind during your moving process.

Prior to Move In Day

Cleaning Day

While most apartment complexes offer a clean space when moving in, a deeper scrub is more likely needed. Head to the store and pick up all of the essentials and plan to clean everything possible before moving in.

This simple tip will make move-in day so much simpler and will give you a peace of mind after the craziness of move-in day has been completed. Plus, it’s one less thing to do on such a busy day.

Set Up Your Utilities

Before moving in, it’s important that you have all of your utilities arranged ahead of time. It’s possible that some services may already be included in your rent such as heat, electricity, and water. However, if no utilities are included be sure to call local providers to compare rates and set up the day you will begin to need service.

You’ll want to do this as well ahead of time as possible due to possible delays the provider may have in scheduling to have your apartment serviced for utilities such as internet and cable.

Purchase Furniture

After choosing your apartment, you’ll want to purchase any needed furniture ahead of time. You can save yourself a few dollars by using any current furniture, however if this is your first apartment you most likely don’t have a kitchen table, couch, etc.

Try to purchase furniture from a company who has delivery services. Setting a delivery date for the day or soon after you are handed your new apartment keys can make for an ideal situation.

Move In Day

Set Up Essentials

During or soon after you have completed moving all of your belongings into your new apartment, you’ll want to have a few essentials set up for the night ahead. Prior to packing try to have a separate “overnight bag” ready. That way instead of digging through all your boxed items, you will have your essentials packed away in one specific spot. 

You’ll now have these items to use the night of move in day saving you the time and stress of needing to go through all of your boxes to find what you may need.

After Moving In

Head to the Store

The day or day after move-in day you’ll want to set aside time to pick up some essential groceries and toiletries. As you begin to unpack, make a separate list of things to purchase that you’ve found would be useful.

Get to Know Your Neighbors & Neighborhood

After you’re all settled, take time to explore your new neighborhood and meet your neighbors. Try talking a walk throughout your neighborhood on the next sunny day and don’t forget to say hello to any neighbors you may see on your travels.If you are still on the hunt for your next apartment or potential home, the real estate in Toronto is hot on the market now. Not to mention, the neighborhoods and amenities you’ll find in close distance are hard to beat.