Things You Need For A Great Garden Party 

Everyone loves a thriving social scene set in a gorgeous garden.

That said, everyone has a different definition of what makes a great garden party, and there’s no shortage of the different interpretations the BBC covered in 2019. There is a lot of creative scope here!

The company you keep is obviously the most important asset to a great shindig, but the surroundings have a great impact on the mood of the engagement, so make sure you incorporate some extra wonder and magnificence into your garden. If you’re stuck for ideas, you’ll find some below.

Feature Main Attractions

You’ll need more than a couple of drinks and a lump of lawn to create a garden party that surpasses folk’s wildest expectations.

Try to feature main attractions wherever possible. These could include things like bars, ponds, seating areas, and even hot tubs. The appropriateness of each inclusion might vary depending on whether the engagement is a formal gathering or a few friends popping round for a laugh, but the point still stands; you need to place things in your garden that will incite interest and prolong the lifespan of the party.

There are many ways to make the most of even the smallest hot tubs, so don’t worry if your budget is limited and you can’t transform every inch of your garden into a labyrinth of entertainment. Remember, garden parties are more than just chatting outdoors – try to include a few features that will just help things along in the way of variety, and maybe even give the proceedings some structure.

Vary the Terrain

Gardens are expectantly full of grass, but if that’s all you have to offer, the garden party may seem relatively flat or uninspired.

However, quality decking can just add a bit of style and sophistication to the proceedings. Look at this graphite composite decking example from UK Ecoscape for some inspiration. Their home installation in Formby, Liverpool, was a charming and spacious decking area for hosting family and friends. Boasting durability and anti-slip qualities, creating a a stylish yet practical area to host your guests has never been easier, so click the link to get all the project details.

Decking can be used for comfortable seating arrangements and be the setting for indulging in barbecues and bars. It makes the garden area more dynamic, which is important when you’re entertaining visitors. Your outdoor areas will appear more distinguishable too, giving people a literal platform from which they can positively enjoy themselves and take in the beauty of your garden.

Flourish the Final Details

No get together is complete without some atmospheric ambience.

Bunting, streamers, floral arrangements, and fairy lights are all integral mainstays to a garden party. Adorn the walls, line the fences, or even the bannisters of your decking. There’s always room for a few choice extra touches to elevate the mood of all the proceedings.

The great thing about these finer details is that the party often begins with their arrangement. Setting it all up can be a teamworking endeavour that’s full of light and laughter from start to finish, and all the cheer and good spirits will only progress from there. Decorating is good fun, and the mood you create shall be positively infectious!