The weekly round-up on… house staging

House staging

Some people still view it as a taboo topic. For us, house staging has become one of the key elements of the property selling process, though.

This week’s link round-up is all about how you can take full advantage of the concept. Unsurprisingly, there are right and wrong ways to approach house staging, and the following links that have arrived in our inbox over recent months should help you fall into the former category.

Make sure you depersonalize your space (WikiHow)

We’re not usually huge fans of WikiHow, but this particular piece is a fantastic resource when it comes to depersonalizing a space. For many people, this is one of the hardest things to do. It’s ‘our space’, so extracting our personality out of it can be almightily difficult.

In typical WikiHow format, the page shows how you can remove your personal touches from your home and satisfy one of the main house staging checkboxes.

Flowers should be a key part of your strategy (Avas Flowers)

Next, we’re heading over to Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers have developed a reputation on social media for showcasing how flowers can make even the dullest, oldest rooms look like brand new. This should be your aim in the art of staging.

Unfortunately, you will have to regularly replenish flowers as new visitors come through the door, as the main aim is here is making sure the space feels vibrant and fresh.

Brighten the darkest of spaces (Elle Décor)

As anyone in the house buying market will testify, darkness never sells. It’s a major put-off.

Elle Décor have written a great piece on how you can maximize those dark, gloomy spaces. It doesn’t involve knocking walls down, but a few tricks of the eye here and there can make the ultimate difference as you stage your rooms.

Focus on the storage (Apartment Therapy)

This next link is perhaps one of the more interesting ones on our list. Apartment Therapy have run a study, finding out what people value when they purchase a property. What’s the main takeaway from the results? Storage.

In fact, to be specific, it’s laundry storage. The link in question doesn’t have any advice on what you should do to boost your ‘storage appeal’ in your home, but it does lay out the facts. Armed with this knowledge, try and make the very most of your storage. It might be by opening up any cabinets, or it might be by just focusing on it as you give suitors the grand tour.

Make your bed hotel-esque (Good Housekeeping)

Remember the feeling of walking into a hotel and seeing that gorgeously plump bed? That’s the feeling you want potential buyers to have when they set foot into your bedrooms.

Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think. This guide from Good Housekeeping shows how to make your bed like a 5* hotel, in an easy-to-follow format.

Analyse your rugs (NY Times)

We were somewhat surprised to find this piece, from the NY Times of all places. However, it’s a great piece of advice for anyone taking house staging seriously.

Rugs are often underestimated. Used incorrectly, they can make a room look smaller, or cramped. Used correctly, they can make it look larger than it really is, and utterly homely. This link covers it all on how you can get the most from your rugs.