The Complete Guide That Makes Choosing Living Room Furniture Simple

Where do you curl up with your partner to watch the latest scary movie under the covers? Where do you host family game night? Where do you entertain your guests when they come to visit?

The answer to all these questions is your living room. Your living room is one of the most used areas in your home. It sees a lot of action, gets a lot of traffic, and is like the first impression of the inside of your home.

So your living room furniture has to reflect all the activity going on in that one room. But with so many options, it can feel like an overwhelming decision. Here is the guide that will make choosing living room furniture simple.

What Kind of Living Room Furniture Do You Need?

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That’s the big question, isn’t it? Before you go out and buy a ton of pieces, you need to stop and evaluate your space. What living room furniture you need depends on two factors: how much space you have and your lifestyle.

Space is obvious. If you have a tiny apartment, you don’t want to stuff twenty pieces of furniture inside. Conversely, a cavernous, two-floor living room would look strange with a single sofa.

You also must take your lifestyle into account. The living room of a family with five will look much different than a single bachelor or bachelorette.

Also, ask yourself how you would use your living room. Are you lounging here every day, watching movies, and eating snacks? Or is this a formal entertaining space only?

The first step to choosing the right living room furniture is considering the answers to these two main questions.

What Furniture Pieces Should You Have?

The next step is figuring out what pieces your living room needs. Let’s start with the basic furniture pieces every living room should have.


It goes without saying that a sofa is a necessary feature of the living room. Where else would you sit, lay, or cuddle?

For most people decorating, the sofa is often the first piece they pick out. There are many sofas styles to choose from, including sectionals, sleeper sofas, and settees.

Coffee Table or Side Tables

The tables in your living room add a great accent while providing some storage. You want a place where you can set drinks or snacks down. But you also want a place that you can have storage and place decor.

A coffee table sits in front of the sofa, while side and end tables sit next to it.

Media Console

Homes are so technologically advanced now that there are millions of wires. You’ll want a place you can tuck those away, so your home looks tidy. Media consoles also provide all-too-important storage.

Even if you don’t have much tech, you may want a console to store games, books, or other miscellaneous items.

Here are a few pieces of furniture that may not be necessary for every living room. If you have the space and desire to add them, they make great additions.

A Second Sofa or Love Seat

If you have the room, you may want to include a second sofa or a smaller one to provide more seating. This is great option if you regularly have guests over.

Benches, Stools, and Ottomans

You may like putting your feet up when you lounge, and that’s where a bench, stool, or ottoman will come in handy. These also make great extra seating options if you’re in a pinch. Many will even come with storage capabilities.

Side Chairs

An accent or side chair will provide more seating while also offering variety. These can range from upright armchairs to recliners that lean back.

What Materials Should You Choose?

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When choosing materials for your living room furniture, it all comes down to durability. The best furniture will last years and still look great. Durability is a part of everyone’s lifestyle, but it may look different for each person.

If you live alone or in a couple with no children, you tend to have a few more choices. High-quality leather, glass, and stone are materials that may work in your space.

But for a family, durable furniture probably means something washable or wipeable. Kids can be messy. And no parent wants to spend the day getting stains out of luxury furniture.

With kids and pets, easy-to-clean materials like microfiber, wool, and velvet are ideal options.

Where Should You Place Your Furniture?

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When it comes to your living room arrangement, you first want to create a focal point. This may be the television, art on the wall, or the view from the window. Once you find your focal point, center your furniture around it.

Your furniture placement should also facilitate conversation. Group your furniture in a way that everyone in the space would be able to see and hear each other. Movable pieces like stools and ottomans are ideal for this.

Don’t be afraid to step away from the wall. If the room allows, place your furniture in the middle, organized around an area rug. This creates a comfortable and distinct setting for conversation.

Where to Buy Living Room Funiture?

Now there are more places than ever where you can buy furniture. You can always start by checking your local furniture store to see if any pieces catch your eye.

Big box stores also offer a variety of furniture options, though they’re often basic. And thrift stores can help you find some used pieces at great prices.

But where you’ll find the most selection, of course, is online. With a quick search, you’ll find affordable furniture, elegant furniture, and everything in between.

Try perusing websites like to find the high-quality pieces that will transform your living room.

Designing Your Living Room Made Easy

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Your living room is the hub of your home. It’s where you hang out daily and entertain friends. Such an important room comes with big design decisions.

When you’re staring at a large, empty space, furnishing the room feels overwhelming. But break it down and ask yourself the questions in this guide. With those answers in mind, choosing living room furniture will be simple.

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