Terrace Garden Ideas for Small Houses

Terrace Garden Ideas for Small Houses

When you’ve got a small home, sometimes this lack of space can feel hampering, or even claustrophobic. But having a small amount of space to work with doesn’t mean that you can’t have a stylish interior or exterior. In fact, some people claim that the best art is made with the smallest canvas. And if you want to design with beautiful terrace garden ideas in mind, that’s something that’s possible even in a small home.

Take a look at some of our tips below to find out how to do it properly!

Dealing With A Small Garden

Terrace Garden Ideas for Small Houses

We can already picture it – you’ve moved from a larger home into a smaller one, and you need to begin furnishing it according to your needs. But you’ve got a lot of stuff and not a lot of space to place it all in. Certainly, this can make you feel a bit overwhelmed.

But even after you consider asking for unpacking assistance and arrange the interior in an agreeable way, you may still want to have a pretty terrace where you can relax and enjoy your summer days.

So, is a small terrace bumming you out? Don’t worry – even the smallest garden you can imagine can easily become a gorgeous retreat. 

And there are actually some advantages to having less open space to work with. For one, if nothing else – you won’t be dealing with a lot of maintenance down the road.

Trust us, while a large garden may be beautiful, it also takes quite a bit of work. And not just work on setting it up, but on a constant basis as well.

Apart from that, when you’re dealing with a small space – it’ll be easy to make significant changes without going through a lot of menial labour or big expenses.

In that situation, a bunch of starkly-coloured cushions will have a big effect, let alone larger changes. And don’t worry, if you want to have a gorgeous balcony garden, we’ll have plenty of practical advice for you below. So read on, and enjoy!


Vertical Planting

Terrace Garden Ideas for Small Houses

Okay, so obviously, if you want to have a pretty terrace garden, there’s one thing you’ll definitely need: a lot of plants.

Sure, there are many different terrace garden ideas, but if there’s one thing common for all of them – it’s the fact that you’ll need to carve out space for some greenery.

But even the smallest plants can take up quite a lot of space, especially if you intend on having a lot of them.

So, the question poses itself – if you haven’t got a lot of room on your balcony, how will you incorporate all of the plant life that you want to have there, while simultaneously leaving enough space so you can spend time outside and enjoy your design?

In order to do this, you’ll have to think outside the box; or rather, above it – all puns intended. Because in this situation, you’ll have to think vertically.

While you may not have enough floor space to place all of the plants that you want there, you can achieve the same effect by putting in a lot of hanging elements.

Plus, this could actually be even prettier than you imagine, with plants surrounding you at eye-level and above, no matter where you look. 


Practicalities of vertical planting

Terrace Garden Ideas for Small Houses

So, use the elements you’d see in a living wall, making the absolute most out of all the wall space you have on the terrace.

Naturally, you’ll want to plan out where you’ll place the potted plants and see how many you can fit in.

If you’ve got any wooden elements on the terrace already, just add some fence panels in a horizontal position. You can use them for making a decorative living wall by hanging plants. 

The same thing goes for any bare stretch of a wall, or even better – a fence or the side of your balcony.

Such tiny outdoor spaces would serve no other use – but you can incorporate them into your small but crowded vertical garden; most of these could serve as placements for small baskets and potted plants. 


Colourful Elements

Terrace Garden Ideas for Small Houses

As we’ve already mentioned above, having the right terrace garden ideas for small houses means utilizing every single square inch of space that you’ve got.

But that doesn’t just mean squeezing in as many elements and items you can within the terrace area. If you just put in a huge amount of items without any order or forethought, you won’t be creating anything more than a terrace shed.

/caption: Even your potted plants can have some colour diversity! 

Instead, make sure that every piece of decoration or every single furniture item that you place has the best possible visual effect.

Meaning, for example, small decorative items in bright colours. If you make a living wall, or you place a lot of potted plants outside, you’ll have a lot of green. Which is always good, but you don’t want your terrace garden to seem visually dull. And that can happen if you only focus on one colour palette.

To avoid that, make sure your smaller items provide the space with a nice pop of colour.

Or, if you’ve got some more money to invest in your terrace, put in some mosaic tiles to give the place some visual diversity. If you do that, your terrace garden will seem like the stuff fairytales are made of.