How to Make the Most of Small Hot Tubs 

How to Make the Most of Small Hot Tubs 

Buying a new hot tub is a really exciting experience for all members of the family. A sure way to put a smile on everyone’s faces, the addition of a new hot tub to your home can create the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Small hot tubs, no matter how small can be the perfect purchase for your home.

However, sometimes it’s difficult to know how to make the most out of this mobile spa, and you may not feel like you’re getting the full money’s worth. 

In this article, I’ll be giving you all the best tips on making your hot tub a fabulous amenity to your household and the many ways you could use it to its full potential! 


where you place your hot tub is just as important of a decision that requires a small dose of creativity.

It may come as a surprise, but where you place your hot tub is just as important of a decision that requires a small dose of creativity. I recommended you to place your small hot tub, in a corner of the garden so it is somewhat covered by walls.

It doesn’t have to be covered entirely, but some privacy will be beneficial after those long days at work where you just want to jump into the tub and relax. 

Placing the hot tub against a relaxing backdrop also works great for the aesthetic pleasure of it, as you can decorate the walls as a canvas to create the perfect scenic view around your hot tub. 

One great recommendation is to add some Floristry or greenery along the walls or fences to create a relaxed woodland vibe- as who doesn’t dream of relaxing in a steamy hot tub in the middle of a woodland resort, enjoying the surrounding vista? 



Going hand in hand with the perfect scenery is a set up of funky lightingGoing hand in hand with the perfect scenery is a set up of funky lighting (as you cannot have a hot tub party without any cool lights). 

When it comes to lighting, the choice is yours! There is an array of gorgeous shapes and styles all over the internet from flooring lights, sidelights or even disco ball lights to really jazz up your tub. 

To create a calming ambience -if partying is not your scene, then purchasing some delicate fairy lights can be a top choice. These can be elegantly draped along the walls or fences to create a calm and relaxed vibe while relaxing and unwinding in your new small hot tubs. 


Make a focal point 

How to Make the Most of Small Hot Tubs 

Even small hot tubs can be turned into the main feature of your garden display and make it a focal point

The tub can be accentuated in many ways like the ones offered above! Or, if you’re feeling a little more daring you could add a quirky colour to the tub for it to not only compliment the garden but to make it stand out. 

If you have the space in the garden, you could create a hidden hot tub perhaps? This would create an amazing illusion if it was to be covered with fake greenery or even propped nicely into some flooring- if this is within budget. 



How to Make the Most of Small Hot Tubs 

Depending on both the hot tub and the garden size, this will determine how much room you have left to play with once your spa has been set up where you want it. 

If you can afford to take up a little more room, then partnering your hot tub with a fantastic sound system will be perfect for any occasion. We all love music and adding a sound system can create a calming atmosphere. 

Purchasing a sound system (ensuring it is waterproof of course) would be sure to make your hot tub all the more popular. Having the option to enjoy music outside will work perfectly for any parties you host and will make time in the tub with family and friends, all the more fun. 

However, adding a sound system is not only important for raising the atmosphere but can contribute to a relaxing and chilled evening spent in your small hot tub. Playing a collection of soft, atmospheric music will be sure to create the right ambience.

Whether it’s listening to cascading waves roll over one another, or the light sound of an orchestra, it will be sure to transport you to the 4 walls of a spa, or your favourite Mediterranean country. 


Food and drink 

While in the hot tub, it can be difficult to try and pry yourself away from the immense amount of comfort you will be experiencing- even if it's just to grab a drink. 

While in the hot tub, it can be difficult to try and pry yourself away from the immense amount of comfort you will be experiencing- even if it’s just to grab a drink. 

A great way to deter from this potential issue is to add food and drink storage to sit alongside the tub. This will allow you to enjoy a delightful wine or a glass of champagne while soaking in the bubbles. 

Adding some juicy fruit into a bowl will be sure to take your fancy while you’re in the purest state of relaxation. 

However, it is rather imperative that you ensure no food or drink is spilt into the hot tub, as this can cause issues to the filtration system and can ruin the overall experience.

It will also create the tedious task of cleaning and refilling the tub with all the required cleaning products. 


Some helpful tips on caring for the hot tub 

While it can be brilliant spending all of your free time soaking in the water, there are some things you will need to keep up with to ensure your hot tub experience can continue for as long as possible. 


1. Stay stocked on water care supplies 

It will be of a great deal of annoyance if you have been looking forward to slipping into your spa for the entirety of the working day, only to come home and find you cannot do it as you have run out of chlorine crystals. 

To avoid this happening to you, it would be a good idea to always check on your hot tub stock. Make sure all the products and cleaning tools are full or are able to be swapped out for a fresh tub, allowing you to not miss out on any precious soaking time. 


2. Keep the tub filters clean 

One of the top reasons that small hot tubs lose their effectiveness, is from poorly treated water filters. A damaged or dirty filtration system can cause the tub to not heat up properly or at all, and will possibly lead to it breaking completely.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is recommended to replace the filters every 2-3 years and clean regularly, to have a long-lasting hot tub. This can guarantee a healthy and effective hot tub in perfect condition for many years to come. 

When it comes to draining and cleaning the tub, it is recommended that you complete these tasks regularly. This will ensure that the filters work properly, but also stop them from getting clogged up with dirt or debris, as the water can remain clean for a vast amount of time. 


3. Maintain the water levels 

Water evaporates a lot faster when it is being used within a hot tub- this is due to the amount of the steam produced. It evaporates even faster when it is being released into cold or dry air, and suitable to be used within all types of weather, the water in your small hot tub will definitely be subject to these environments. 

Because of this, water levels will drop quite quickly. Therefore, before any use always do a simple water level check.

Depending on what brand of the tub you have, there will be a specific line dotted around the inside, this will indicate how high the water level should be at all times. 

Simply doing this check will allow you to know when to give your tub a quick top-up, but also will save the way in which the spa works. Decreased water levels can interfere with the filtration and operative systems. 



Spa and bath salts

Small hot tubs are great! The magical devices are home to a vast amount of benefits that can be reaped time and time again when purchased for yourself. 

To make the most out of your new small hot tub and to improve your overall experience when unwinding after a long, tiring day, we recommend following our top tips and tricks. 

By following our top tips for small hot tubs, you too can make your garden the place to be, while ensuring your hot tub continues to run to its full capacity for many years to come. 

Helping you to ensure that you get the most out of your own little home spa, pour a large glass of bubbly and relax, watching the sun go down over the treetops!