Safety Trainers: Perfect for the workplace

If you want to ensure the safety and health of your feet at your workplace, you should wear safety trainers; however, did you know that there are different types of safety trainers for different jobs? 

Among the wide array of foot protection features available for safety trainers, some provide toe protection, others are anti-static or electro-static discharge resistant, others protect the metatarsal and have steel plates in the sole to prevent penetration of sharp objects and others prevent cuts. While each type of trainer is designed to help prevent workplace injuries, it is important to understand how they can protect your feet and what they will do.

Let us find what type of safety trainers are available to suit your different needs.

Trainers with toe protection

If you are handling heavy machinery or work on unsafe terrain, one of the most applicable trainers will be one that comes with toe protection. The trainer comes with a reinforced toe cap that will ensure your feet get protected from impact. Trainers with toe caps are also necessary if you have to work in areas where there is the possibility of sharp objects laid out on the floor.

Safety trainers with heavy-duty protection

Does your industrial unit come under a hazardous environment rating? Or do you deal with sharp objects like cut glass or broken metal pieces? In that case, you would need safety trainers which are tougher and can tackle harsher environments. RS Components have an assortment of trainers that are not just cut-proof but are also penetration and abrasion-proof. Some of our trainers provide protection against vibration.

Trainers with chemical and liquid resistance

For chemical and industrial units that handle hazardous chemicals and liquids, RS Components have an array of waterproof trainers. These trainers are ant-skid to make sure that you remain safe in wet workplace environments. Our trainers are made of non-corrosive materials that meet the most challenging health and safety demands.

Safety trainers for electrical protection

If you work with high-voltage wires where there is a lot of electrical static dissipation, there are a range of trainers that can also protect against electric shocks. Safety trainers for electrical protection are categorised into electrical hazard boots (EH) and electrical static dissipation (ESD) trainers. A conductive insole in ESD boots prevents the build-up of static electricity. EH boots minimise the risk of electrocution, while ESD boots are designed to prevent electrocution.

Trainers that are comfortable

Trainers are meant to be comfortable, even if safety is the top priority. Even if your job does not call for safety, you need to go for comfortable footwear. RS Components have trainers that come with polymer reinforced toe caps or anti-slip soles which are best for wet or slippery floors. 

Trainers for sterile environments

Even in sterile environments, trainers are required. For instance, in laboratories and medical units, trainers are the best bet. You may have to wear your trainers for a longer period; the trainers have features like steel toe caps, anti-static, and anti-perforation to prevent contamination and are waterproof.

RS Components have a wide variety of high-quality trainers from some of the leading manufacturers in footwear. To know more about our safety trainers, visit our website.