Questions to Ask Before Getting Living Room Furniture on Rent

With rental furniture, you can furnish your home or office the way you like it without compromising on style or your budget. Renting furniture is also a good option if you are moving into an apartment temporarily and do not want to curb your standard of living. 

 The global residential furniture rental market is expected to reach USD 16,844 million by the end of 2025. Renting allows the freedom and flexibility to style your home with quality pieces of furniture and keep the decor changing as per your taste. It is a feasible option for students looking for temporary living spaces. 

 Here are some questions you should ask before renting living room furniture.  

 What Are the Different Furniture Options Available?

 Look out for the range of living room furniture offered by the vendor. What pieces are you interested in renting? Do they offer different living room furniture like a chaise lounge, sofa bed, coffee tables, TV units, or dining tables and chairs? If you are interested in renting a sofa, do you get to choose between different sofa sets?


Can You Rent Furniture on a Short Term Basis?

If you are in the city for a short stint of 3 to 6 months, does the vendor offer you the flexibility to rent furniture for that duration? Depending on the company you choose, you might have to sign a 12-month or 18-month contract before you rent a piece. On the other hand, some companies offer furniture for a short period of a month. Look out for the renting period clause depending on your requirement.


What Is the Cost of Renting Living Room Furniture?

Renting furniture is a cost-efficient option than buying one. That said, the cost of renting furniture for a short term period like a month could be higher compared to renting it for 12 months. Look out for package deals, compare prices across websites, and look for user reviews.  


Do You Have To Pay Deposit?

Deposit is the amount you need to pay upfront to cover any damages to the rented furniture when it is in your possession. The deposit amount charged depends on the vendor you choose to rent furniture from. There are also vendors available that offer rental furniture at no deposit. 

Do You Have To Pay For Delivery?

You have decided on renting multiple furniture pieces like a sofa, TV unit, desk, and chairs. These pieces would have to be delivered in a moving van/truck. Will you have to pay extra for delivery? What is the delivery amount involved? Some vendors offer free delivery services depending on the pieces of furniture and the period you rent them. 


Are Free Installation Services Offered?

Once the furniture is delivered, will you have to spend your effort and time putting it together? Ask if the vendor offers installation services beforehand. If you end up damaging a piece of furniture during the installation, you might be responsible for any damages that occurred. It is best to let professionals handle the furniture installation process. Some vendors offer this service at no extra cost. Make the most of this benefit. 

What Is the Application Process?

How easy is it to browse through a vendor’s furniture collection and place your order for rent? How good is their customer service? Do you have access to their contact information? How soon do they respond to your queries? Do they have different payment options available? Most vendors have an online portal available where you can go through the range of furniture they offer.

Asking the questions mentioned above will help you decide on a vendor best suited for your rental furniture requirements.