Primitive Home Decor Ideas Under $2000

Primitive Home Decor Ideas Under $2000

Over the past couple of years, primitive home decor has fallen out of favor. People usually go for modern or minimalist designs, as those provide the biggest freedom of choice.

But, with some research and a bit of imagination, you can implement some primitive home decor ideas and make your home absolutely stunning. And the best thing about them, they are usually cost-effective.

Remember, there is no other interior design that brings as much warmth and cosiness as primitive home decor. So, let us see which ideas you can implement for under $2000.

Our pick of primitive home decor ideas

When it comes to implementing primitive home decor ideas, ideally you want to build up your entire home with these in mind.

People usually do this when they make winter-homes as they a) don’t want to spend much money on them and b) want them to be as cosy as possible.

It’s hard to imagine a winter home without primitive home decor.

But, even if you didn’t build up your home with primitive home decor ideas in mind, there are ways in which you can implement them.

So, we’ll take a look at a couple of ideas that should get your imagination going and help you make your home that much cosier.


Open brick layout

Primitive Home Decor

One of the easiest ways to give your home a primitive feel is to implement an open brick layout. For some reason open bricks make a home feel much warmer and welcoming.

We probably associate them with the idea that “there is nothing to hide” which helps people relax. So, even though they can be a bit vintage, implementing some open brick layout in your home can go a long way.

Primitive home decor ideas should be all about helping you relax.

But, the trouble with open bricks is that they might require a lot of work to implement, especially if you want to peel back the walls of an entire room. On average, brick wall installation is going to cost around $14.35 per sq. foot.

So, our advice is to pick a single wall and then implement open brick. Ideally, this should be a wall that you often look at. That way, the open brick will have the biggest effect.


Old wooden furniture

Primitive Home Decor

You cannot talk primitive home decor ideas without mentioning old wooden furniture. Old wooden pieces of furniture have been built with a completely different mindset than today’s furniture. Therefore, they give off a vibe and feel that no modern furniture can hope to bring.

The only problem is that old wooden furniture is seldom mass-produced. There is not a large store where you can simply go to and find it. But there are ways you can get it.

Garage sales, especially in the more rural areas, are filled with old wooden furniture. With any luck, you should find some antique pieces that are in good shape. Just remember to visit sites like and learn how to transport them properly.

Also, focus on the quality of furniture and not its appeal. For a small amount of money, you can easily restore any old piece. Just as long as it is in good shape.

Also, first try to get large pieces and then supplement them with smaller ones. Even when dealing with primitive home decor ideas, your home needs to have a certain theme.

And it is much easier to keep up with that theme if you get your furniture from biggest to smallest.


A fireplace

Primitive Home Decor

Close your eyes and think of a perfectly calm room. A nice, warm room in which you are drinking tea and reading a book peacefully. Does it have a fireplace?

We thought so. As we mentioned before, primitive homes are all about warmth and cosiness. And, you cannot have a cosy room without a fireplace.

Now, some of you might feel that a fireplace is too costly to incorporate. In actuality, they are usually between $1500 – $2000. Factor in the fact that you do not need a modern, self-igniting fireplace.

If you are going for a primitive style, you only need a basic fireplace that you’ll ideally incorporate into your open brick wall. Add to that some rustic furniture and you are bound to get that old, homey vibe.


Wooden decor

Primitive Home Decor

To complement the cozy vibe of your home you can implement simple wooden decor. By this, we mean that you should try to use wood for as many decoration purposes as possible. For instance, picture frames and shelves should all be wooden. You can even choose to get wooden cups and bowls in order to keep the feel going.

Also, there is nothing wrong with implementing ceramic. Just as long as it is in a dark color and it has that distinct old-time look. You can even get old-school, iron cooking utensils. However, getting a cast-iron pan would probably be a bit of an overkill.


Woven baskets

Woven baskets are some of the most beautiful, yet least used pieces of decor that we see. Not only can you use them indoors as impromptu containers, but you can also use them as flower pots and decorations for your terrace garden.

The more you look into them, the more ideas you will get. And, if you end up liking them, we are sure that you’ll find your own creative way to use them.

Using woven baskets as flower pots can be a surprisingly practical solution. Especially, if you have to move your flowers around.


Picking the right colours

Primitive Home Decor

The last thing we should mention is picking the right colours for your home. Trying to implement primitive home decor ideas without supplementing them with proper colours is counterproductive.

If you combine an open brick wall with fluorescent or metal decor, it is only going to clash. So, what you need to do is to pick warm, natural colours to use in your home. Even with this limitation, you will have a lot of freedom.

So, try to think carefully which colours work for your home and your lighting in order to truly bring out the cosiness in it.