Mosaic Tiles: Yay or Nay?

Mosaic Tiles: Yay or Nay?

Are you planning on renovating your bathroom? Or would you simply like to make your kitchen look brand new for a low cost? Well, if either of those is your problem, mosaic tiles are the answer. But, are tiles really the best solution for your bathroom? Should you get all of them in the same shade or should you make a pattern? Well, let us take a better look at mosaic tiles so that you can come up with an answer on your own.


Mosaic tiles in the kitchen

First off, what are mosaic tiles? Well, they are tiles usually made up of glass, ceramics or high-quality plastics. They are usually placed on floors that are expected to endure stains and moisture. But, remember, there is no limit to where you can place them. After all, mosaics are an art form that has been around for ages, and there is no reason why you cannot make your home a piece of art.

There is no reason why you cannot make your kitchen absolutely gorgeous.

So, do mosaic tiles belong in a kitchen? Of course, they do. In fact, you can hardly imagine a kitchen without them.

The main reason why people place kitchen tiles is that it makes it easy to clean. This will come in handy when moving, especially if you visit and learn how to properly prepare your kitchen for relocation. Moisture and stains are usually quite present in a busy kitchen, which is why mosaic tiles are the way to go.

A beautiful kitchen with mosaic tiles on its walls.

Easy design and renovation

Another benefit of mosaic tiles is the easy design and renovation possibilities. Say that you want to redo your kitchen. Well, more often then not, you might need to lift your floor in order to redo it properly.

Now, if your floor is wooden, this means dismantling an entire section of your home. But, if your floor is made up of kitchen tiles, then no problem. Remodeling your kitchen on a budget will be an ease. Removing them is so easy that even an amateur can do it. And placing new ones afterwards is also quick and cheap, which is why a lot of people opt for them.


What about the bathroom?

Now, it is obvious why mosaic tiles belong in a kitchen. But, should they be placed in the bathroom? Again, the answer is obviously yes. The moisture in the bathroom makes placing anything other than bathroom tiles costly and inefficient.

By placing mosaic tiles you will both decorate your bathroom and make it suited for your needs. Furthermore, renovating your bathroom will also be much cheaper. This will especially come in handy since bathroom renovations can be much more frequent then kitchen renovations.

After all, if a pipe bursts, would you rather demolish wooden flooring, or simply lift up your tiles?

A bathroom will much easier to both clean and renovate if you use mosaic tiles.

But that is not all. One, often overlooked, fact about mosaic tiles is that they can be used quite effectively for decoration.

Most people only thing of wood when it comes to decorating, but mosaic tiles can also be quite effective and beautiful if you know how to use them.

A bathroom shower with tiles on its walls.

An oasis

The best way to consider your bathroom is as if it were an oasis. Most people only focus on having a clean, white bathroom where they will shower, brush their teeth, and go to the toilet. What they forget is that a bathroom can be a place of relaxation and peace.

With a bathtub, some scented candles and nice music you can create a peaceful oasis for you that will do you a world of good. And a big part of that oasis will be the tiles you pick for your bathroom.

Remember, the environment and the feel your bathroom gives you will be essential if you want to relax in it. So, when picking tiles for your bathroom, remember to pick carefully.


Do colours matter for mosaic tiles?

Ok, so now you understand why mosaic tiles are your best choice for both bathroom and kitchen. Now comes the important question. Should you use colours for them?

As you will realize when picking them out, there are seemingly endless colours in which mosaic tiles can come in. So, should you bother with picking out a colour, or should you simply get white or black and be done with it.

Well, as with is with all things that have to do with decor and design, colours matter. In order to have the right feel and the right style in your kitchen and bathroom, you need to know how to pick the right colour for your mosaic tiles. So, let us go over a couple of important facts.

Mosaic Tiles: Yay or Nay?

Psychology behind colours

Scientists have verified what we, as a species, have known for years. And that is that colours have a profound influence on us.

There is a reason why colours are one of the most essential elements of modern design. Colours affect us subconsciously, which is why it is absolutely essential that you consider them carefully when decorating your kitchen and your bathroom.

There are many different ways in which you can combine mosaic tiles, so remember to consider them carefully.

Alt: Colorful tiles on a kitchen wall.

Not only do you have to consider the feel and the vibe your kitchen and your bathroom are going to have, but you also need to consider how they will fit in with the rest of the home.

Warm colours are usually used to give a sense of cosiness and warmth, while colder colours are used to give a sense of openness and freshness. You can’t have your bathroom looking both really cosy and really open, which is why you need to consider your colours and your decor carefully.


Single shade tiles vs multiple shades

Finally, should your tiles be in the same shade, or should you use multiple? This is completely dependent on your situation and your preference. Sometimes a well throughout tile placement can truly give the room a nice, decorative detail that will bring the whole room together.

On the other hand, using tiles in the same shade can be quite cheaper. So, before you make any decisions, make sure to consider your home carefully, and see how your mosaic tiles will fit in.