Merino Wool is the Best Fabric For Your Baby Sleeping Bag

For a long time and have been using natural fibers of wool to make the baby sleeping so that they can stay comfortable and warm. There is scientific evidence also that sleeping under the rule improves the quality of sleep and your little one will be happier and fresh. Some research also states that the rate of weight gain in underweight newborn babies was approximately 61 % higher when the parents made them sleep on wool under their cotton sheets. In addition to this the newborn kids who had jaundice one more settled while sleeping on the wool as compared to those sleeping on a normal setup.  and in addition to this almost 30% of babies on Wool cried as compared to the 67% on cotton. Wool such as merino NZ  is considered the most amazing option when it comes to sleeping for a baby.  some other reasons that you should use merino wool for your baby and in fact for your baby’s sleeping bag are the following



 This form of wool is naturally breathable.  so you can simply say that as compared to the synthetic fibers wool is a very active fiber and it reacts to the changes in body temperature so it keeps the wearer very comfortable similarly garments made up of this wool are very breathable of all common natural fiber types


Temperature regulation 

 In addition to this, the best part about this whole is that it has some natural temperature regulating properties.  Unlike adults, babies and infants are not used to temperature changes. The main reason behind this is that infants and children are having a higher surface area to mass ratio than adults and so this is why they can lose heat very quickly or you can simply state that they can lose heat as much as four times more quickly than adults.  At the time when the baby is cold- stressed that time day makes the use of energy and oxygen for generating warmth.  Some studies state that if you make the baby sleep in this type of wool then it can keep the baby at an optimal temperature that is neither too hot or not too cold so this means that they can conserve energy and build up reserves also.  while using this type of whole the temperature of the baby is maintained and regulated so as a result of this way we will become more relaxed,  will sleep longer, and will gain weight faster


Moisture regulating property

 This type of wool is one of the most amazing fibres in nature and the main reason behind this is that It Breaks and controls moisture. It simply means that this one has a unique ability for maintaining the ideal temperature between the body and bed. and unlike other fabrics, this one tends to remove a large amount of moisture from the surface of the skin so it can keep the baby dry and comfortable all the time


Skin sensitivity 

This type of wool is very amazing when it comes to skin sensitivity because it would not make the baby get Eczema. And will protect the sensitive and delicate skin from conditions such as overheating