5 Tips on How to Keep Your Kitchen Looking Sharp

5 Tips on How to Keep Your Kitchen Looking Sharp

The kitchen is where we all love walking in to. It does not matter if you are a messy or clean cook, the kitchen will always end up messy after you are done preparing meals.

These tips will help you keep your kitchen looking orderly and sharp.


1. Store the Appliances in a Cupboard

Some people like their appliances displayed on the counter because it is easy to access them, but your kitchen still looks messy. Plus, the chances of you or your kids breaking things are very high.

5 Tips on How to Keep Your Kitchen Looking Sharp

You can store items in cupboards, arrange them starting with the ones you do not use the most, then place the most frequently used in a nearer cabinet. This will instantly declutter your kitchen.

Now, this might be hard to get used to, but the goal is to have a clean, orderly kitchen. You can place knives and forks in drawers for safety purposes, then hang the pans up in cupboards using tile stickers. Coffee makers and blenders can stay out but ensure they are placed near the walls or in the corner.

If you do not have space for your utensils, you can get wall holders that you literally stick on your wall and hang utensils on.

You can hang cutleries that you frequently use or pots that are not heavy. Hanging your utensils will not only declutter your kitchen, but it still is classy.


2. Train Your Kids

5 Tips on How to Keep Your Kitchen Looking Sharp

Children copy habits they see in other people, good or bad. If you are a parent who does not like utensils left on the dining table, train your kids on where to put the dirty utensils and to leave the dining table sparkling clean. When they are of age, teach them how to use the dishwasher.

Dishwashers are not hard to use; you can show them how to load and unload the washer, and where to keep the utensils after washing the utensils. It might be hard for the kids to reach the cupboards so that you can use an alternative, utensils rack.

Some parents place stools for their kids to step on because they are short, make sure the utensils rack is near reach, and it is safe for the kids.

Other than making sure your kids know how to use the dishwasher, ensure they know how to put everything off and back to place. For safety purposes, children should know the dangers of electricity.


3. Clean While Cooking

5 Tips on How to Keep Your Kitchen Looking Sharp

When you are cooking, you usually find yourself with some free time in between, so use that time to clean. You can put away the utensils you are done using or unload the dishwasher or wipe down the counter.

By the time you are done cooking, you will be surprised by how much work you can get done in a short period of time.

If you are preparing food for several people, you can do things in shifts. Say you need to make a three-course meal, you can start with boiling food while making a fruit salad. So you get to clean after every dish is done.

By the time the meals are done, the kitchen looks the same as you started. Then you can do the utensils used during dinner after everyone is done eating.

If you have issues with getting late in the morning due to morning duties, you can clean the kitchen then lay out the utensils you will use in the morning on the counter or the utensils holder. You can also use the hanging rack to hold your mugs.


4. Clean Stains Immediately

It is much easier to clean stains immediately after they are spilled. Some stains can be very damaging to your kitchen tiles and counters depending on what dropped.

If your countertop is made of wood, you can clean it with a nonabrasive cleaner once or twice daily, or you can make a mix of vinegar and warm water to keep it clean and scentless.

Marble can be a little sensitive to harsh detergents, but you can use plain water and soap. If food spills on marble, gently scrape off the remains with a scraper or a spatula then wipe it off with a wet cloth.

If there are permanent stains, cut a lemon in half, then sprinkle some salt on the stain. Use the lemon to scrub the stain. After, clean with water and vinegar after you are done scrubbing.

Many people do not see the use of cleaning their sinks after washing utensils, but the weird smell that is always lurking in your kitchen and you cannot figure out where it is from, is probably from the sink. Ensure you clean the sink after you are done or use the kitchen faucets to wash up after you are done.


5. Arrange Your Ingredients in Bags

Fresh fruits and vegetables in a grocery bag.

It does not have to be bags only, you can also use plastic tins, glass jars, or zip locks. Arranging foods in jars will make your work a hundred per cent easier.

You can put cereals and spices in different jars, label them then put them in one cupboard that is nearest to you.

Perishable food like greens and vegetables need to be stored in cool and dry places, not countertops where they are in direct light and a lot of water splashing from the sink.

You can buy several zip lock bags, store different greens in different bags then put them in the fridge. It might look stylish to have all your fruits displayed on the counter, but it is neither healthy nor classy. 

Instead of having your old cooking pots in cupboards, you can get big baskets, put the pots in the basket then store the baskets on the top shelves that you do not use.

Kitchens are like the hearts of every house; it does not matter if the rest of the house if full of clatter, the kitchen should remain clean all the time. It is effortless to maintain a functional kitchen if you slightly put in more effort than usual.