Interior Redesign Guide For Budding Interior Designers

Interior Redesign Guide For Budding Interior Designers

Redesigning is like reinventing. With your creativity and passion, you bring a completely new environment to people within the same walls.

It’s like taking them on a journey to a new home and giving them a totally fresh perspective. And a new home it is!

You breathe in new, fresh air into old, worn-out or old-fashioned rooms using what is already there, combining it with new details and providing new living spaces on the budget.

You don’t need a lot of money to make something stylish and unique. Very often, all you need is your imagination, creativity, and a few practical skills, and the living space will be refined. 


Interior designing and redesigning

Interior Redesign Guide For Budding Interior Designers

The basic difference between designing and redesigning is in what is at your disposal as a designer.

When you are asked to design a home, you might be given a budget to purchase new furniture pieces and decorative details, and it’s like painting a new picture from scratch.

When you are hired to do an interior redesign of a home you mainly rely on the furnishings already existing within the space, which can be far more challenging as you create within the set limitations.

But it is exactly where a challenge lies. 

Sometimes it happens that a family is moving to a new home but keeps the old furnishings.

Before they organize moving through a professional moving company such as and have all their belongings packed, make sure you take a good look at what they have, take photos of some major furniture pieces and take time to think of the creative ways to use them in a new space.    


Interior redesign guide for budding interior designers

There are several things you must keep in mind when you are doing an interior redesign of people’s homes.

One of the first things is to get to know their taste and way of life, what is important to them, where they like spending most of the time – is it a kitchen, a living room or maybe a balcony during nice weather?

Find about their inner style and figure out the best way to express it.

Having this as a starting point, you can proceed and think about the following employing your professional skills, spatial awareness and good knowledge of colours, fabrics, materials and other details important for a successful redesign.

Before starting the interior redesign, here are a few key points to be considered:


Combine the room purposes

In the interior redesign, this can be the key point in deciding how to divide and redesign the given space.

Some rooms are generally used for combined purposes, so bear that in mind.

Here are some of the most common combinations:

  • The dining room and children’s play area 
  • The dining room and children’s study
  • Bedroom with a study corner for occasional work in peace. Think about the best ways to use its space and have a look at some bedroom design ideas on a budget that can be very effective
  • Living room and children’s play area (you can always design a part of it for children’s play)
  • Corridors and hallways and storage room

Interior Redesign Guide For Budding Interior Designers

This is where spatial awareness is crucial.

In order to make great interior design, it is important to compare the sizes of rooms and the furniture, as well as to determine the part of the room for each of the furniture pieces.

Good spatial awareness saves a lot of space and makes the small rooms look bigger.


Light – The magical designer

Big windows and natural light bring a special breath of cosiness and freshness into every home.

If the home you are redesigning has small windows, use some effective designing skills to enlarge the presence of natural light, finding at the same time ways to nail the modern interior look:

  • Use light colours in sand/light gold shades to get the effect of light reflection
  • Use glass doors between the rooms – that will enable the natural light to overflow from one room to another. 
  • Furniture, fabrics, curtains should all be in light colours – white to dark sand, but not darker
  • Use various heights lamps and wall lamps for ambient lighting
  • In the evening, use a few floor lamps directed up to the ceiling – it will give the impression of greater room height 
  • Mirrors in the interior redesign – use them to reflect natural light and to make the impression of a larger space. Mirrors capture natural light easily and spread it around the room. They also make the illusion that space is larger when reflected in them.


Interior Redesign Guide For Budding Interior Designers


Colour me white

People have their favourite colours, and they tend to use them when designing their homes not knowing exactly how to choose the right colours.

But interior designers know that it’s not a great idea to paint your walls all red, especially if it’s a small space.

Light colours are known to enlarge any given space, so try using two to three shades of the same palette keeping white as a predominant one.

Paint all the walls white – white gives your place an elegant, modern look and a sense of vastness. Keep any wood as a contrast – like an inside staircase or wooden parts of the furniture.

A bright-coloured cushion or a set of colourful cushions can be beautifully contrasted details, as well as a few beautiful colourful paintings. 

Painting your living room white and giving it an airy, spacious effect is great, but oftentimes painting one wall or a part of the wall in a bright colour can give it an even more pleasant look.

Any shade of yellow, but especially Van Gogh yellow shade brings in emotions of joy and happiness.

Another possible colour with a similar effect is green, preferably darker shades of green give a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Yellow and darker shades of green give a sense of calmness and relaxation.


Interior redesign of balconies and terraces

A lot of people like spending time in open-air spaces. Those who live in small apartments but have a terrace or a balcony however tiny, consider it a real treasure.

It is the place where they get some fresh air and stay in touch with the outside world. Try applying some terrace garden ideas for small houses, introduce vertical gardens and stylish details like different colour flower pots.


Smells like home

A great interior redesign of a home makes the people happy to live in it.

Taking into account your clients’ wishes and desires, follow your inner style and professional skills – the redesigned living space will be comfortable and warm, and it will smell like home.