Interior Design Company Names That Will Instantly Help You Get Noticed 

Interior Design Company Names That Will Instantly Help You Get Noticed 

Coming up with a creative and catchy business name is not an easy task. If you are in the interior design business, this is even more true, since there is a level of creativity that is expected from you. While we could list a bunch of possible names you could use, we also want to give you enough information so that you learn how to create interior design company names that will instantly help you get noticed. With that in mind, let’s get down to business!


The process behind the idea

Coming up with interior design names for your business is a difficult process that requires a lot of brainstorming. The main idea is to ask yourself – What am I trying to accomplish? What should my clients think first when they hear my company’s name?

Many different factors shape the creative process, as it is not something linear.

First of all, are you styling houses, apartments, or business space?

Depending on your targeted customers, you will want to achieve a different effect. For example, if your main customer is other companies, you want to use the name that expresses the same qualities they respect:

  • punctuality
  • precision
  • effectiveness
  • trust

Caption: Coming up with a creative interior design company name from scratch is a difficult but rewarding process.

On another hand, if your customers are people who need home design, you want a name that will radiate:

  • love
  • satisfaction
  • trust
  • personality
  • warmth
  • family values

These are all guidelines that will help you understand what effect the name you come up with should have on your customers.


Simple and straightforward

When coming up with interior design company names that are bound to attract attention, you want to be simple and straightforward.

Using complicated words that are hard to spell is not a good practice. Instead, you should come up with a name that will help your customers connect with you – something familiar and easy to understand.


Do you need an expensive name?

Interior Design Company Names That Will Instantly Help You Get Noticed 

Another question you want to ask yourself is what are the spending habits of your customers? Can they afford expensive design, or are they looking for something affordable?

To give you a blunt example, a person who wants to remodel their kitchen and bathroom on a budget will not go to a store called Luxurious Kitchens. They will much rather go to a store called SimpleKitchenLifestyle.

Caption: The name of your company should speak to your customers.

Grandiose names will often push away people with lower income, so be careful in that respect as well.

So, if you want to attract people who are looking for affordable design, go with words like:

  • simple
  • practical
  • worthwhile

On the other hand, if you are targeting wealthier customers, you need grand words like:

  • extraordinary
  • luxurious
  • extravagant
  • expensive
  • opulent


Using mythology and literature to name your company

Mythological creatures are famous for their powers and what they represent. It is a common practice to use mythology to pass on a specific feeling to your customers.

For example, Hephaestus is a Greek god of design and creativity. A name like Hephaestus Interior Design paints a clear picture of what the customer should expect. And, it has a nice abbreviation.


The importance of acronyms

Almost everyone on the planet has heard about the BBC or CNN. However, not everyone knows what those acronyms stand for. In the long run, that is not so important, because both companies are easily recognizable as soon as you hear those three letters.

Interior design company names that have easy to remember acronyms will be more successful.


Finding motivation and inspiration

Interior Design Company Names That Will Instantly Help You Get Noticed 

If coming up with a name for your interior design business is still a difficult process for you, try to look for sources of inspiration and motivate yourself.

For example, many websites use social media to share informative blogs on decor and design. Furthermore, there are many company name generators online. While the quality of these generated names might not be high enough for your business, it will give you ideas to think about.

Caption: A good name will help you to become the next big thing.

The creative process requires research and experience, so pull up your sleeves and get to work! To help you with that, here is a list of interior design company names that will most definitely leave a good first impression.


Interior design company names that pack a punch

Design Connect – this is an excellent name for an interior design business that works with other companies. It is clear and simple, and sends a clear message – let us re-design your interior office space and help you connect with others.

Pocket Interior Design – at first glance, you know that this is a company for people looking for affordable interior design ideas. It is straightforward, but it shines with a sense of modesty and simplicity.

Extravagantify – An expensive name, you must say. Why just beautify your home, when you can “extravagantify” it and stand out from everyone else? A good example of an interior design company name reserved for high spenders.

Absolutely Zealous Design – Here is another good example of a name that will instantly help you get noticed. Not only does it describe you as a passionate and energetic designer, but it also has a great acronym. AZ Design can get you anything you want!


A good name goes a long way!

We hope that you understand the importance of having an inviting and attractive name that will help you not only attract customers but also build a brand in the long run.

The name should be a symbol of success. Before you settle on one idea, come up with a long list of interior design company names.

Go through the list methodically and see if any name can be improved. The final product should underline the values of your company, and help you instantly get noticed and connect with your clients.