Interior Design Companies to Watch Out For in 2020

Interior Design Companies to Watch Out For in 2020

The design industry is not only a competitive but an exciting and ever-changing workplace that many wish to be involved in. With design being complex and creative, the possibilities when it comes to interior design are endless — particularly when it comes to developing a white, blank canvas of a room. To be a successful interior designer, along with becoming a household name, is being able to capture the true characteristics of a room, as well as keeping up the latest updates in the interior design industry. When it comes to being ahead of the trend, we have put together a list of top 5 interior design companies for you to keep an eye out for throughout 2020.

By following their movements, you can mimic their style allowing you to improve both the decor of your home and workspace. 

Top 5 Interior Design Companies

1. Evengy and Irina Patrushevy

Evengy and Irina Patrushevy

The Patrushevys are a Russian couple who are completely devoted to the world of art and interior design. 

Their love for the natural beauty surrounding them has been incorporated into their work and has allowed the couple to stand out from the crowd. Leading the way in interior design, the pair can be seen working on an array of stunning projects, showing off both their personal style, passion and talent.

As well as this, they are able to intertwine nature with architecture, this, in turn, has turned the Patrushevys into a household name within the interior design world.

When it comes to work, Evengy and Irina do not let their own tastes interfere with that of their client. By taking a massive consideration onto the customers’ individuality, they believe that the designer should always consider the customers’ desires and needs. 

As well as this, by understanding who they are working for, they can create a personalised twist onto the interior of their clients home. 


2. Fiona Barratt-Campbell

Interior Design Companies

Studying fine art at Chelsea College of Art, before becoming the head designer at Kelly Hoppen interiors, Fiona Campbell has built a respected name for herself within the interior industry. 

Famous for focusing on the beauty of fluidity and sophistication in interior design, Fiona is skilled at turning small spaces into elegant rooms that meet the client’s requirements.

Fiona is also successful and renowned for taking the key features of a location before transporting and flowing this feature throughout the rooms in which she is designing.

Helping to ensure that the character and tone of the building is captured, by maximising the existing elements of the space. 

From analysing Fiona’s work, you can see a passion for combining rustic, reclaimed woods with silk rugs, leather and even finely composed concrete.

By combining fine details together, the textures can become the main focal point of all her projects, while the colour palette remains neutral in tone, ideal for achieving a modern minimalist appeal. 

With one of Fiona’s biggest skills being able to weave in both the colours within the accessories placed around the architecture, this allows the added textures to define the atmosphere of the room. 


3. Tara Bernerd

Interior Design Companies

Tara Bernerd is a British designer who has decided to dedicate her life to inspiring and influencing the interior design world. She is the founder of the established company Tara Bernerd and Partners, here, she and her team focus widely on bringing the latest interior trends into force.

The designer mastermind that is Tara Bernerd is the leading creator behind a huge array of projects from top hotels to private residences that people can only dream of achieving. 

Working all over the world, Tara’s range is very desired and appreciated by all, which makes her a designer that many wish to work with. Each project completed, Tara is able to sprinkle some of her own personal style into all her projects.

With a unique set of features, expect comfortable, luxury living, with a subtle blend of masculinity and elegant timelessness, often dubbed as ‘industrial glamour’. 

One of the biggest appeals of Tara’s work and what makes her so desirable is the distinctive DNA that is incorporated into all her projects. By creating a design to complement the architecture but also the location of the property, for a natural yet simple design. 

A self-taught designer, Tara has taken her passion for art in architecture, materials and colour, and has turned it into an extremely successful career. So much so, that it is evident that Tara has become a force to be reckoned with in the interior design world. 


4. Taylor Howes

Interior Design Companies

An interior design practice founded back in 1993, Taylor Howes is an award-winning group of bespoke interior designers, based in London. 

The group whose residence is in London, Taylor Howes, however, works all around the world, from America, Europe and the Middle East. Working to the values of passion, honesty and kindness, all while creating a personalised touch to each and every one of their projects. 

Through the quality of their work, this team has been able to build up a collection of faithful and loyal clients, employing Taylor Howes to design all rooms within their home, office, or social setting. No matter the design of their project, the team take into account the client’s feelings, as well as their own individual style while staying close to Taylors noticeable sophistication that has helped to define the company. 

This attitude has allowed the team to set up an impressive portfolio of reputable clientele, that is not afraid to boast about the hard work completed by the Taylor Howes company. 

The power of Taylor Howes in the design industry is ever-growing and will only get stronger and more passionate as time goes on. 


5. Janine Stone and Co.

Janine Stone and Co.

The Janine Stone and Co company are a couple who aspires to make it to the top of the interior design world.

Inspired by their childhood, Janine Stone and Co. have taken their memories of the soft exotic fabric that swirled throughout the mother’s dress shop, turning it into their life’s passion.

Creating an exceptional company that has gone forth to change the interior design world forever. By envisioning the future, this company has been able to create the most exceptional home designs. 

The clients that Janine Stone and Co. work with, chose this company through the level of service they are confident that they will receive.  They strive for greatness and chose not to settle for anything that does not meet perfection while promising a unique and personalised design.

By knowing that their job is to turn their clients dreams into a reality, to them, luxury interior should be bespoke to that of the client and this is exactly why Janine Stone and Co is desired by everyone. 



It is clear to see that the interior design world is ever-changing and expanding. As each season passes, a new style, trend and company will be brought to the surface on display for the interior world to see and marvel at. Bringing a selection of new and innovative ideas, helping to make them stand out from the crowd. 

By following our top 5 recommended interior design companies for 2020 and keeping an eye out on their upcoming trends, you too can stay ahead of the trend. 

For aspiring designers, what has been made apparent, is the importance of finding your niche, In the interior design world, whether that be homeware, woodwork, textures, colours, find an aspect that you too want to become known for. 

Interior design is all about using the vision and inspiration of what is around, as well as being forward-thinking and looking ahead to the future. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to interior design.

The world of architecture is a powerful force, where your vision can be brought to life using through the use of futuristic machinery and high-quality materials!