8 Best Interior Design Blogs To Follow RN

8 Best Interior Design Blogs To Follow RN

If you are into interior design, chances are you already have Instagram and Pinterest feeds full of glossy pictures of neatly decorated spaces and DIY ideas. However, the year is still very fresh. You might also want to freshen up the things you look at when it comes to interior design. This list of top 8 interior design blogs to follow is bound to provide inspiration and give you some new ideas for what you can do with your space this year.

Whether you are moving into a new place, want to do some remodelling of your current home or just like to look at pretty things while daydreaming, take a look at these blogs and you will surely find yourself returning to them.

8 Best Interior Design Blogs to Follow This Year


1. The Nordroom

8 Best Interior Design Blogs To Follow RN

The Nordroom is a beautiful blog that features mostly Scandinavian apartments, though its creator Astrid shares anything that fits that particular aesthetic.

The apartments that are featured are mostly on the smaller side, but the space is always beautifully decorated.

Not only that, but the homes always look very cozy and functional. This is a perfect blog for someone who lives in a city apartment and would like to find new ideas on how you can make your place lovelier.

The blog often features certain products as well, and the person who runs it often answers questions about certain pieces of furniture or accessories featured in the photos.

The blog itself also often covers travel as well as architecture. These are just additional reasons why this is one of the top 10 interior design blogs to follow this year.


2. Style by Emily Henderson

If you want to do more than just look at pretty images, this entry on the 10 best interior design blogs in the 2020 list will fit the bill.

Emily Henderson is a stylist, author, and TV host. What sets her blog apart is that she shares very practical tips on what you can do with your space. She lets you follow her thought process.

Some entries will focus on a particular interior design issue like choosing the right colour or how to measure your curtains. Others will provide answers to a question that might be plaguing you.

Such as, do you hire an interior designer or go the DIY route? Do you move your home by yourself or hire professionals like movers101.com?

Henderson also provides fashion and lifestyle advice and shares stories about her own family. This blog really is a one-stop-shop for all your inspirational needs.


3. Mad about the House

8 Best Interior Design Blogs To Follow RN

Mad about the House is another blog that is rife with tips on how to improve your space. Kate Watson-Smyth runs the blog. She is a journalist and author of two books on interior design.

The blog features different homes, sometimes has posts about a particular design fad (say – striped walls) and offers DIY ideas and advice.

The great thing about Mad about the House is that there is also a podcast available. The Great Indoors is the name of the podcast and it is a great way of learning about interior design while on your commute, or even while doing a DIY project yourself.

You are bound to feel inspired.


4. Apartment Therapy

Maxwell Ryan created Apartment Therapy in 2001 but at first, it functioned as a newsletter for clients. Now it is somewhat of a blogging empire providing inspiration, tips and different hacks for its visitors.

One of the most popular features is when readers provide house tours of their own space that they themselves have worked on.

This is one of the main reasons why this is in the top 10 design blogs to follow this year.


5. Design Hunter

Design Hunter is included on this list of best interior design blogs because of its uniqueness. Not only does this blog provide you with ideas like the others, but it also lets you know where you can get particular pieces that are featured.

A lot of its posts are also geared towards finding great items that won’t break the bank. The blog itself is organized in a very simple way and has a lifestyle section that can also pique your interest.


6. Design Sponge

Design Sponge

Design Sponge is another one of the best interior design blogs that offer a lot of fun. If you are into DIY, you will be eager to see all of the posts featuring the before and after pictures of different places.

You might get some ideas this way and the blog will provide you with additional tips. This is another blog that has a podcast which is quite enjoyable.

The name is Good Company and it is sure to be both fun and educational.


7. Cococozy

Cococozy is another blog that is fitting if you are looking for something more aspirational.

The creator does offer practical tips as well, but what you will enjoy the most are probably the glossy features. Like many other bloggers, she features certain recommended items that you can shop.

One additional point of interest here might be the signature Cococozy textiles that pretty much offer everything you may need for your home.


8. Hygge for Home

8 Best Interior Design Blogs To Follow RN

We will end on a cozy note. Are you familiar with the concept of hygge?

It is a Danish and Norwegian word for the concept of coziness, taking comfort in your surroundings. This blog really embodies the idea.

All of the spaces that this blogger features really inspire this feeling of coziness and pride in your own space.

She also hopes to inspire visitors to search for their own personal style when decorating their homes. It is the only way to truly feel comfortable in your own space.


Honorable mentions

8 Best Interior Design Blogs To Follow RN

Decorilla is a place you can go to actually get in touch with a designer you can hire. You send in a brief of what your ideas are and they match you with a designer.

The Emerald Studio is a similar endeavour. They won’t match you with a designer, but they have a host of creatives working at providing their visitors with inspirational content.