Interior Décor Colours of 2020

Interior Décor Colours of 2020

Colour is extremely pivotal across the interior design. A single colour has the opportunity to completely change our opinion of a room, revealing a great transformation. The colour of a room sets the tone, the mood and even the ambiance. If our eye for detail is extremely critical then colour can even deliver illusions, such as showing a space to be larger than it is or even smaller.

Over time, colour trends have developed and evolved. Paint companies usually tell us what the colours of the year are, then specialist interior designers take these and incorporate them into their latest projects to build the most beautiful spaces.

In the world of interior design, creativity decides which colours are trending. Creativity includes focusing on what other industries such as fashion are focusing on colour wise and both are heavily linked.

As we are now more than halfway through the year, here is a great collection of colour trends that have taken the year by storm across interior design.



This beautiful bronze open plan kitchen was designed by SP3 London for a client, who wanted their kitchen to be striking and the heart of their home in a London townhouse. Bronze which is similar to champagne is one of the popular 2020 colour trends.

Bronze delivers a very rustic look, which not only replaces the usual dark brown types of wood but compliments them if you wanted such a look.

SP3 London managed to give the kitchen cabinets a more matte finish compared to the shinier coloured bronze on the support beam. The colour adds depth and excitement to any space. Other colours that compliment bronze are white, ivory and even black.

If you were to invite anyone over to your home, they’ll definitely be able to notice where the heart of the home is and your kitchen will most certainly catch everyone’s eye.


Navy Blue

Interior Décor Colours of 2020

Navy blue is a forever in style and timeless colour we all seem to love.

The colour navy blue has been around so long that it’s a colour that can be adopted in any space throughout our homes, from the living room, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and more. This dark blue connotates the evening sky and we’re certainly not scared to paint our entire rooms this colour.

As time has gone on, we now find ourselves finding different ways to adopt this colour further. Hugely popular has been navy blue wallpaper with geometric patterns.

These colour wallpapers are able to deliver a striking design with features, in this example a gold geometric pattern which makes the dark navy blue a little more subtle. This wallpaper could be used to cover an entire room or a feature wall, it really is up to you as it goes with numerous colour schemes and decors.



Interior Décor Colours of 2020

Dark colours have been in trend for some time now and are much more heavily adopted amongst luxury interior design. Properties have multiple different rooms to set the right tone or mood.

Charcoal, as you can see is a dark colour when complimented well sets a warm feel to a warm. It’s very chic and intimate. This particular colour can be used across any room in your home from bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

If you’re not totally convinced on a full charcoal coloured room, then you may want to consider a charcoal featured wall. As charcoal goes very well with other shades of grey, adding depth to the space.

Other colours that compliment it well are light blue or an electric blue, gold, dark green or even a cherry red.


Olive Green

Interior Décor Colours of 2020

Olive green is an extremely popular colour which has won Italian awards at Design Week. This particular colour is a very subtle colour of green that gives a great matte finish and look. It almost looks like it invites the outside nature type green in but in a very subtle way.

It’s a colour that is complimented very well by your beige, white, tan or a deep oak brown. In the fashion industry it’s considered a flattering colour to most skin tones and this is also evident across the interior design industry.


‘Alive’ Palette Tones

The ‘alive’ palette is bright and enriching with colours that fully compliment each other. This colour palette is all about making space feel brighter and making the floors lighter. 

Colours involved in the ‘alive’ palette include ripe olive, canyon clay, naval, endless sea, touch of sand, sleepy blue, cavern clay, tassel and sandbank.

Using these combined colours means the more striking colours can stand out and have greater impact on the space.

Look how we instantly notice the cavern clay coloured ceiling beams or the depth adding the back window through the use of the naval blue or how the sleepy blue compliments the entire rooms with a light feel to make it feel brighter.

This colour palette is forever continuing to trend in 2020 and we definitely don’t see it disappearing anywhere anytime soon.


2020’s Colour Trends

Colour trends will continue to change and find their place as we continue to be creative and transformational.

As interior designers continue to push for change and trends, we find ourselves with beautiful designs and colour schemes. It will definitely be interesting to see where the year ends up in terms of colour schemes.