Industrial Design: 7 Ways to Nail the Modern Interior Look

Industrial Design: 7 Ways to Nail the Modern Interior Look

Inspired by the old structures, modern areas, and rustic setting, the industrial style emerges into the world of interior design just like a beautiful mushroom popped up in the middle of nowhere. In fact, the industrial design is now becoming one of the most preferred ideas or inspiration when it comes to revamping a particular home, building or office space or even in constructing a new one. 

With the chic and unique style of industrial design, there’s no wonder why a greater number of people are seeking to achieve this look these days. 

So, if you’re also planning to renovate a certain space or room in your home or just want to gather some tips before restoring an office area, you might want to try getting the look of the industrial interior design. Plus, there are many interior design companies in Dubai or whichever part of the world you stay in that can guide you in the best possible ways. 

Don’t worry because by just considering the following key factors below, you’ll absolutely achieve the industrial style in no time.

And if you’re dead-excited of starting the renovation process, you better not leave the pages and continue reading instead. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and find out!


1. Pick the right colour – choose a neutral palette

Achieving the industrial look in your target area may seem a piece of cake, but for some reasons, it’s actually not. 

It’s because even the smallest details such as the colours may greatly affect everything. 

So, when it comes to choosing the colours for an industrial-inspired look, always opt for the neutral palettes. 

Black, browns, and dark greys are the commonly-used and best neutral tones you shouldn’t disregard. 

Upon picking the aforementioned tones, you’ll be able to aim the spotlight onto the bold designs and vibrant textures of your renovated space.

Also, you may add little embellishing details such as bright, red centre table or sparkling wall art piece. 

But take note of this, when putting a larger element or furniture, always consider natural wood finishes and neutral stuffing.  

Industrial Design: 7 Ways to Nail the Modern Interior Look


2. Don’t forget to add a variety of industrial furniture

Since achieving a nice and satisfying modern style can’t be done in one clap, you need to consider adding a variety of industrial furniture to absolutely nail the said interior look. 

When it comes to your tables [coffee, dining, or end table], opt for the raw and unpolished ones. 

While tables can be made out of woods, other table designs that come up with a steel leg and this is actually another way of spicing up your target industrial or rustic look. 

For something to sit on to, of course, industrial chairs and sofas that often come up with an exceptional leather finish are a great option.

And for a perfect rustic lounge or living area, read this article here.



3. Try out the polished concrete flooring

To create a more subtle industrial look in your home or in a certain area in your place, check out the look of a polished concrete flooring. 

This type or style of flooring may differ from the traditional industrial flooring, wooden floors, but is definitely a more modern and less expensive alternative. 

If you don’t want your home to look dull or too bold for having a polished concrete flooring, you can add some rugs and carpets to glow up the surface. 

And by doing that, you’ll achieve a more vibrant industrial look you’ve never imagined before!


4. Have more open space, higher ceiling, and bolder architecture

The industrial design is more likely a minimalist type of interior style. 

With that being said, it’s suggested for you to have more or bigger open space, higher ceiling [particularly in your lounge or living area where you welcome your guests], and a bolder architecture. 

Once you considered the aforementioned tips, you’ll be able to properly highlight the overall industrial look itself. 

From the mixed materials, polished concrete flooring, exposed pipes, hanging light bulbs, and the metal and wooden furniture, you’ll effortlessly get that industrial and rustic feels!


5. Mix up metal and rustic wood furniture and decor

The industrial interior design appears more attractive when you opt to mix up the metal pieces of furniture with the wooden ones.

This idea doesn’t only help you nail the industrial look itself, but it also adds more accent which perfectly delivers contrast and creativity to your home. 

You can put up metal bookshelves in the corner of the living room while having wooden coffee tables at the centre. 

Just try to play mixing and matching up the different pieces of metal and wooden furniture and/or decorations to successfully achieve the industrial design you’ve been dreaming to have!

6. Make full use of minimalism

Since the industrial design conveys a bare, natural, and unfinished interior style, it’s best to fully draw on minimalism. 

A minimalist look helps the bold pieces of furniture and the architecture itself to stand out.

So, you might want to start decluttering and see what objects or home accessories that already need some upgrade like the table, chairs, windows, doors, and so on. 

Because in the minimalist look, the less stuffed your home is, the more it appears industrial.


7. Choose industrial lighting

Aside from selecting the appropriate chairs, tables, and additional home accessories, you’re advised to also pay attention to choosing the appropriate industrial lighting. 

The idea of putting industrial lighting definitely makes sense since the industrial interior design is inspired by vintage buildings, lofts, and factories. 

To effectively achieve the rustic and modern look of your home, you shouldn’t forget on choosing industrial lighting to boost your chosen interior style. 

Industrial pendant fixtures with textured glass shades, metallic colours or bulb cages are just some of the three well-known lighting ideas.

Industrial Design: 7 Ways to Nail the Modern Interior Look

And there you go! You’ve just found out some of the best key elements you shouldn’t just shrug off when giving your place or office an ultimate industrial look makeover. 

With that, we hope that you’ve got some additional ideas to use as you build your dream industrial home or rustic office area. 

Don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts, suggestions, or even the tips you want to share concerning the discussed topic.