How to Update your Home Office? 

For many, work from home has become the new normal.  And with so much spare time spent in the home office, there’s probably a good chance it could use some renovating and rearranging. So if you’re hoping to spruce up the work from home station with minimal time on your hands, effort, and budget. We’ve got you covered!

From desktop to laptop organizers, filing cabinets, floating shelves to ergonomic office chairs to desks with ample storage space, we’ve spun up some simple ways to create an enthusiastic, economical, and clean office at home. Staying motivated and keeping productivity high is often a task to accomplish, especially if you sit at a desk in your home office with no one to breathe down your neck and yell about deadlines. 

First, a home office design should feel unique than the living room to help create a home/work separation, especially if you’re drawn to lots of color, texture, and pattern. Consider keeping your office a more muted palette so that it helps keep you focused on work. Fashion up a couple of soft pillows and throws if you have a day bed, bring the walls to life with prints and artworks that carry character. Making just a few decor changes can increase productivity and make your home office a more beautiful place to work. With these ideas, you can give your home office a stylish update/makeover, having it tailored to you so that your productivity can increase while you work.

Time to De-clutter: Do a regular desk swipe to get rid of coffee cups, receipts, papers, and wrappers which can pile up, leaving you feeling stressed and limiting your breathing space on the desk. There is no need to turn into a neat-freak. All you need to do is just pick a regular time in the day to ditch the rubbish and keep the desk clean and tidy.

Skip that boring desk:  Aren’t you tired of your boring desk? Upgrade your desk to something a bit more stylish and productive. Standing desks are in trend and much more comfortable for long working hours. 

Add personality to your home office: There are a million ways to bring personality to space. You can start small or think big – quotes, postcards of inspirational figures, photo frames filled with family snaps all bring personality to space. Whatever takes you to your happy place, adding a personal touch can remind you to take a breath when you’re feeling stressed.

Choose calming colors. A simple way to improve a home office is to give the overall walls a new look. Keep the color palette calm with whites and neutrals and bring in some cheerful accent tones like greens and yellows to create a productive work environment.

Chalkboard love: A simple office set-up idea is making use of chalkboard on one side of the wall with just a few coats of paint. The act of doodling on the board instead of typing away in front of a computer is bound to change up your thought process and keep you motivated. You can also use a magnetic board to help keep you organized and balanced at your home office. 

Mirror on the wall: Is your home office a little on the small side? Well, worry not. You can create the illusion of space by adding a mirror, just make sure you chose the spot carefully because staring at yourself all day might become a little distracting. Agree?

Bring the outside in. A good home office idea always has a bit of greenery attached to it. Adding a plant or fresh flowers into your home office will freshen up the workstation and instantly boost your mood. A nice, green plant will help you upgrade your office as it will provide extra oxygen, livens up the interior, and keeps you connected to nature. Opt for a plant that doesn’t require a lot of sunlight and is simple to maintain. Some good choices include English Ivy, Philodendrons, and Peace Lilies.

Curate your bookshelf. A home office upgrade should always include a bookshelf. These storage units can help keep your space organized and clutter-free. You can also use your bookshelf to create beautiful vignettes, add decorative objects, personal mementos, and other decors with your books so that it adds enough color and personality to space.

Think of storage: Another great way of preventing your desk from getting all cluttered up is to add some additional storage space. A small drawer with about three sections is usually more than enough, but you can also make your own floating shelves to keep your important files afloat. A chest or similar piece of old furniture can also be used to add storage space, but something as simple as boxes, baskets, or travel bags can do the trick in a pinch.

How about an accent wall?: An accent wall can go a long way in transforming a workstation. The simple way to improve the home office is to go with a sophisticated, dark tone to create a luxurious look that contrasts well with white trim and white doors. You can brighten up the home office with a cheerful color or lighter hue. And if you can’t commit to either, try wallpaper! 

Light up your workstation: Lighting is important for improving a space, especially a home office.  Increase natural light by eliminating dark window coverings, add sheer drapes that will let light pass through. Another way to update your home office is by implementing artificial light to brighten up the office, whether it’s in the form of a floor lamp, a desk lamp or sconces on the wall. 

Update old office furniture: Just in case you want to get rid of a few old furniture pieces, replace the space with new additions. Try a day-bed which can double into a sofa – a place to sit when you have clients over. Adding a mini gym to space is also a wonderful home office upgrade idea- to help keep you active, healthy, and off your chair.