How to Get A Cozy Kitchen This Winter

Modern kitchens have a lot to recommend them to homeowners – the cool metals of the hardware and the bright white, smooth surfaces that are so popular all look great. But if you have this ultra-modern kitchen, what can you do to make the winter season cozy through your kitchen decor? It turns out that you can have a great, modern kitchen while still adding touches that make the space feel comfortable, warm during the chilly months and have beautiful kitchen cabinets.


Updating Your Kitchen Gives You Options 

First off, if you aren’t sure about the 70s style kitchen cabinets or the peeling backsplash in your kitchen, an upgrade may be in order! When you talk to your kitchen renovation professional, they can talk to you about how elements of your new kitchen will be timeless and other parts can be decorated or designed to convey the seasons. Especially when it comes to open elements, like your countertops and your shelving, you have a lot of room to make the look your own within a classic or contemporary kitchen design. No small plus is that a great new kitchen will, even in a few years, be very helpful to enticing in a great buyer when you go to sell.

Wood Tone Shelving Makes For Classic, Year-Round Warmth

While many new kitchens will go with the neutral whites and greys for kitchen cabinets, you can absolutely review wood tones for your kitchen cabinets, which can add a warmth and glow to your kitchen. During the winter, these warm tones will help make the kitchen the most inviting space in the home, drawing people to the literal warmth of the stove and oven and the comfort of the natural tones. Shelving that is wooden, in particular, can give your home a farmhouse look and what you put on those shelves, of course, can be subbed out seasonally, bringing in greenery and winter holly to give a full winter look.


Accent With Wall Hangings, Dish Towels, and Pottery

No matter what kitchen you have, designate a spot here or there for a winter-themed window hanging. On your stove handle, hang some burgundy, silver-and-white, dark blue, or forest green dish towels, all of which are colors that come from the winter scenes or convey a little sedate homage to the holidays. Finally, warm earth-toned pottery or crockery looks wonderful on your open kitchen cabinets, and you can always add a little wispy fake snow to make the scene complete.

Consider Taking the Kitchen Outside Too: Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces Grow in Popularity

Top real estate agents have said that outdoor kitchen spaces are also becoming popular, as are back-patio fireplaces. If you end up grilling or entertaining outdoors anyway, take your wintery kitchen theme out to the back deck, where a little spruce-up can really make the difference. Adding a little storage, counter space, or a s’mores station by your outdoor fireplace all help to give you a feeling of spaciousness – after all, you essentially have an indoor and an outdoor kitchen!

This winter, make your decorating plan revolve around family time and slowing down for this season. Easy, small touches of the season can accentuate a beautiful, timeless kitchen design and help you to feel like you have all the modern comforts and easy-cleaning surfaces, while still getting into the spirit of the holidays and the relative calm of winter, when people gather and share meals together. That’s, after all, the heart of what the kitchen is all about!