How to Create a Modern and Chic Look with Metal Prints

Metal prints

Metal prints are wall art that can carry mixed meanings. Some might see metal prints as an abstract piece of art and some tend to see them as something similar to the sleek, modern design that’s seen in modern environments. They are popular because they add a creative feel of life and energy.

Choosing the right metal print for your space

When choosing a metal print, it’s important to consider the size and shape of the prints and color scheme of the image. A large metal print could play very well in a spacious room, but could make a smaller space look overcrowded. Light-colored prints could give the illusion of drawing the space out, while a darker metal print can make the space feel more intimate.

To select the perfect image, consider the theme of your space. For example, if you have a modern room with a white color scheme, you could go for a black-and-white image that will contrast well with the remaining decor. You might want to hang up a bold and edgy metal print on your wall.

Preparing your space for a metal print

You’ll need to prepare your space to hang a metal print the right way. Start by locating the best place for the print. For example, if you have a modern wall space in your kitchen or office, you could hang it on a wall that has a similar color scheme. Then measure and plan the placement of your print. You could put up a grid and pencil where you’d like to hang the print. The wall where you are going to place your metal print needs to be prepared by smoothing the entire area, including the edges. Make sure that the wall is as clean as possible.

Hanging and displaying your metal print

When it comes to hanging your metal print, choose the appropriate hardware to hang it on. A smaller metal print might require strong double-sided tape. You might want to use a picture hanging wire and small D-rings to hang up a larger piece or even a floating flame. You need to always check the packaging of your metal print for instructions on hanging it up. Also, consider placing your metal print within the right distance from the floor. If you place it too close or too high, you’ll lose part of its impact. To display your metal print in a cohesive manner, group other pieces of art around it, try pairing them together in terms of their themes and colors, or put them together as if they belong in a single collection.

Maintenance and care

Don’t allow your metal prints to come into contact with water or any kind of liquid. Even though they look solid and most providers claim that their products are waterproof, it’s better to play it safe here. Also, make sure to place them in a location where they will not be affected by weather conditions like excessive direct sunlight. Always keep your metal print clean by dusting them weekly with a soft cloth.


Metal prints can add a stylish and chic look to any environment, be it an office, a living room or a public space. They look great when combined with modern and bold design schemes. If you want to show your creative side and have a taste for eye-catching pieces of art, metal prints are the ideal choice for you. Check out for more ideas about personalized wall art and use their online printing services to decorate with style.