How to choose the right orthopaedic mattress?



Healthy and sound sleep depends on the quality of a person’s sleeping place. The design and comfort of the bed are important, but not the only characteristic of a comfortable stay. The choice of mattress is of decisive importance. Manufacturers offer a large number of options that differ in their technical characteristics, design, and filler composition. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is necessary to study the main features of the product and take advantage of the advice of specialists.


Selection of the design and size of the mattress

First of all, attention should be paid to the design of the product, the presence or absence of orthopedic properties. The rigidity of the mattress directly depends on the version of the mattress, therefore, the possibility of using people of different ages, health conditions, level of physical activity. The main types of structures are:

Mattresses with dependent blocks in which the springs are interconnected. Under mechanical stress, several adjacent elements are compressed, which makes the product quite soft. The demand for such models is declining, despite the low cost.

Products with independent springs consist of separate, unconnected elements. Such mattresses are characterized by firmness, flexibility and good orthopedic properties. The number of spring blocks per unit area determines the quality of the product. The more independent elements a model has, the more it is valued.

Springless models are considered an excellent alternative to spring-loaded ones. Such mattresses have good elasticity and rigidity, and their characteristics are determined by the composition of the filler. The highest quality options are considered options with natural coconut fiber or latex.

Combined models are equipped with several layers of filler, different in composition. The sides of such mattresses are characterized by rigidity and texture, which makes them practical, functional and easy to use.

In addition to the design, the dimensions of the product are considered an important selection criterion. When buying, you need to select a model that is 10-20 mm smaller than the bed. In this case, the product lies tightly on the bed, and its edges do not hang down on the sides.

Features of the choice of filler

In the manufacture of mattresses, manufacturers use a variety of materials, due to the use of which the characteristics and cost of models change. More expensive are natural compounds that give the mattress elasticity, firmness, environmentally friendly, and safe for health. Models made on the basis of artificial materials are cheaper.

The following types of fillers are considered the most popular and in-demand:

Strong and durable natural latex that instantly regains its shape after release. If it is possible to purchase a mattress with a similar filler, this choice is quite justified.

Safe for health, practical, and inexpensive polyurethane foam is used in budget mattresses. Its disadvantages include the service life, which is much inferior to similar options from natural latex.

The Sleep Shop has a good guide about them, this is one of the most popular modern fillers. The material quickly regains its shape, has high elasticity, is well ventilated, and is inexpensive.

Horsehair does not absorb moisture and foreign odors, it is durable and elastic. With its help, it is possible to obtain mattresses with a high level of firmness.

The highest quality and most expensive filler is considered to be coconut coir, which is durable, elastic, and safe for health. Due to its excessive rigidity and high cost, the material is most often used in combination with other compounds of artificial and natural origin.

When choosing a mattress, special attention should be paid to the composition of the filler. If you have the financial means, it is best to choose options with natural ingredients. Artificial materials are also suitable since they cost significantly less, and in their characteristics, they are not much inferior to more expensive options. It is not recommended to purchase cheap mattresses with foam rubber or batting, as their quality and service life do not meet modern requirements.


Additional criteria for choosing a mattress

In addition to the composition of the filler and design, there are other characteristics of mattresses that must be taken into account when choosing. First of all, you need to pay attention to the rigidity of the model. The hardest items are for young children. Medium-firm products are suitable for people under the age of 25. Older customers need soft mattresses. And for middle-aged people, this indicator does not really matter.

There are also some additional criteria that influence the choice of the model. The presence of sides with varying degrees of rigidity, as well as multi-zone in different areas of the product, in some cases, is not only a pleasure but also a mandatory addition. Completion of the mattress topper or side carry handles can also affect the choice. Some models have anti-static and anti-allergenic properties and are chosen by customers for whom these characteristics are considered important. Buying a mattress is a complex undertaking, which is best understood thoroughly or with the help of a specialist.