How to Choose the Baby Sleeping Bags

Are you looking for the best sleeping bag for your children, and you don’t know how to pick one? Don’t worry; in this article, we discuss few tips to help you get one.

Sleeping bags allows children to stay warm all time. And baby needs to sleep in a sleeping bag that will enable him to breathe well while sleeping. Read on how you can choose the baby sleeping bags.



Weight and the associated volume play a huge role when choosing a sleeping bag. Most likely, the sleeping bag will have to be carried over long distances. When choosing a sleeping bag for long and strenuous hikes, be sure to take this unpleasant circumstance into account and focus on light sleeping bags in the temperature range you need. For car trips and short exits, any comfortable sleeping bag will do.


The Size

Sleeping bags are designed for different people, so, like clothes, they have sizes. The larger the sleeping bag, the more it weighs. In the BASK line for other models, you will find different size ranges: XS to XL. When choosing the size of the bag, be guided by the following rule: the length of the bag should exceed your height by 20-30 cm, the bag should not constrain you in width. Don’t neglect to try on your sleeping bag!


Sleeping Bag Dimensions

Apart from different shapes, sleeping bags are also available in various sizes. At the same time, unfortunately, there is no single approach to labeling or standardization of sizes. Some manufacturers indicate the length in the name: 175, 185, 195 cm. Others share sleeping bags according to a system similar to clothing – Small, Regular, Large, and the like.

It should be understood that the recommended length indicated in the description of the sleeping bag is not the actual size of the product but the maximum recommended height of the user. The products themselves have a length of 15-30 cm longer, for placing a pillow inside them or to make it more comfortable for you to turn around at night.

Be sure to check with the sales consultant the size of the sleeping bag and, if necessary, the availability of this model in a smaller or larger size to choose the most convenient sleeping bag option for yourself.


Sleeping Bed Shape 

The most common are cocoon (mummy) sleeping bags and blankets. There are also varieties of these types: cocoons without a hood or transform into a blanket.

Cocoons (mummies) are most often used on hikes, mountaineering, or expeditions. They have an anatomical shape that fits the body tightly. Inside, such sleeping bags have less space, and, therefore, it will be easier to heat the air in the middle since there is less of it. Usually, they are designed for only one person, but there are also double sleeping bags. Also, due to the presence of sleeping bags with various options for the location of the zipper (right or left), if necessary, they can be connected to form one common one.

Blankets have a rectangular shape, the zipper of the sleeping bag can be unbuttoned on both sides (side and bottom), respectively. It is convenient to use such a sleeping bag for couples or just two travelers who decided to save on weight by taking one sleeping bag.

Finally, above information will help you to understand how to pick the baby sleeping bags.