How To Carry Bulky Items In Car If Planning For A Long Drive

Going on long drives is fun but what if you’re planning on camping or go kayaking with your friends. How are you going to fit all the stuff in the back of your car or the back seat of your vehicle even? A tent, food, sleeping bags, accessories, your friends or family, a kayak, maybe your dog, and whatnot. 

Stuffing everything in the back seat is not a good idea nor is it possible. That is why we would suggest you get a car roof rack and install it before going on a long drive. It can help you manage bulky items very easily and have a safer and better driving experience and avoid common car accident scenarios

Keep reading for more tips on carrying bulky items in your car for long drives. 

Always Drive Within Speed Limits!

When you have a roof rack installed in your car, make sure to drive as smoothly as you can, avoid sudden breaks and quick turns as it could give the cargo loaded on the roof of your car a shock and could make it fall as well. You should be aware of the speed limits and never try to go in the fast and furious mode just for the thrill. Precautions are always better than prescriptions!

Strap The Cargo! 

You can’t just place your stuff on the roof rack and start to drive. You have to secure your cargo on the roof rack with some kind of straps or ropes and tie them down as tight as you can. On the other hand, make sure to tie your cargo to the roof rack as well as the back and front of your car. That is because when you drive at a certain speed, the weight of your stuff loaded on the roof rack could create a lift that could send the roof rack flying either backward or forwards ( or maybe sideways as well). 

Don’t Overload!

Every car has its limits, you have to learn about the capability of your car. Buy a roof rack according to the capability of your car and then make sure to not overload the cargo on your car. It can cause serious damage to the exterior of your car as the paint could get spoiled or the roof of your car could get dented. Try to divide the weight of your bulky items between the backseat, the back, and the roof rack of your car for the best experience in your long drive. 


These were a few tips that you should consider while going on long drives with a lot of stuff loaded. Abide by these to have the maximum fun in your camping trips or hiking or kayaking or any other kind of vacation with your friends and/or family. 

These are nothing but just tips to help you make the most out of your trips by avoiding major inconveniences that usually people face while carrying bulky items for long drives.