How Smart Home Devices Can Help Make Work From Home Easier

It has been about a year now that the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed a lot of things that were once normal. Schools, universities, local stores and shopping malls have all faced a drastic change of being shut down during multiple lockdowns that have taken place worldwide. With that, businesses have also moved to conducting a majority of their day-to-day dealings online, forcing employees to work from their premises.

Things have improved over the year but a lot of it has still remained unchanged. A lot of economies are still practicing the work-from-home policy in order to curb the virus and its effects. Working from home has proven to be tough for almost everyone of different employment backgrounds. Learning how to conduct classes and business meetings online on the daily is tougher than it seems. Businesses have done quite a lot and given leniency to employees in order to make this work-from-home transition bearable. 

But there is a way of making things easier for yourself as you work from home. Here are some smart home devices that can be used to lay off a little bit of the burden of working from your home office or living room, while simultaneously watching over your house. 

  • Smart Cameras

For all the parents working from home, smart cameras make it much easier to watch over your household. The live video feed from these devices can be accessed straight from your phones, laptop, tablets and even PCs. So from your desk or your workstation in the house, you can easily keep an eye on the kids playing in the next room or the yard, without having to get up every few minutes from your seat and check on things. 

Smart cameras usually have a cloud backup if you are to rewind and watch the video feed in case you missed out while in a Zoom conference. They also feature two-way audio that makes it easier to communicate from both ends, and the video feed itself is in HD quality with night vision.

  • Smart Lights

Caught up in a conference call or on the clock with the office? Smart lights make it easier to control your home lighting straight from your phone. 

Smart lighting is a great idea for energy saving and reducing your utility bills, but it also comes in handy for so many reasons – one is easy for those who work from home. Work can be exhausting even if it’s from the comfort of your home – with that there’s the added pressure of looking after the household too. Smart lights can be controlled from our phones, voice assistants, and it makes things so much easier because you can control them while staying put in your seat. You can even set schedules for the lights to turn on or off during the day, because we all understand by now that working from home can really turn a person’s routine haywire. 

  • Video Doorbell

Video Doorbells have been around for some time and can be seen installed in pretty much every other household, but smart video doorbells take the technology up by a notch. 

Video doorbells like the Google Nest Hello can be accessed from your phones just like all other smart home devices. Some models also feature motion detection that sends alerts to your phone even when someone at the door hasn’t rung the bell. That’s pretty cool because you don’t have to get up and check the front door every time the bell rings. Since these video doorbells also feature sound and audio, you can even tell the mailman to leave the mail at the door so you can pick it up once you can get away from your work desk. It’s super convenient. 

  • Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks are great for security purposes. These locks are keyless and usually work by using a pin code, and can even be accessed from our phones. So for all those that are working at home, smart door locks make the simplest of tasks easier; you can unlock the door for your friends and family, without having to get up from your seat, or even just check if anyone locked the door behind them when they came home.