Gothic Home Décor on a Budget

Gothic Home Décor on a Budget

Generally, people relate the Goth subculture with darkness, mystery, and horror. Being unknowledgeable amateurs in this field, they are unable to see the genuine beauty in this unique style. 

However, those who approve of and find pleasure in this exceptional fashion often make a serious effort to arrange and decorate their living space in accordance with it. 

While sometimes the whole endeavour comes with a hefty price tag, there is certainly Gothic home décor on a budget you can apply.

Here are some useful, clever and imaginative ways on how to achieve this.


Start with a painting

It is a wide-known fact that choosing the right colours for your home matters a lot. Your choice greatly influences the ambience and atmosphere in your personal space. 

Since you are opting for Gothic home décor on a budget, painting is the initial step you should take. It will not cost you an arm and a leg and you will even save some more money if you decide to go with a DIY option.

To create your gothic haven, you need some dark colours for your walls. Black is always welcome, but it would be nice to give accent to some areas by using dark blues, purples, burgundy or crimson.

Sometimes, using light colours on smaller surfaces can provide you with a fascinating effect.

Figure 2 Use dark colours for your walls. Alt.tag: A black wall, an ornate frame, and a lamp, which are some of the basic details in Gothic home decor.

Obtain the right paint tools to refine your style and get down to work. Surely, you will be mesmerized by the results.


A candelabra is a must

When Gothic home décor on a budget is what you are trying to achieve, common lighting is not desirable. You need some lavish gothic chandeliers and a few candelabras in every room. 

While chandeliers of this type tend to be a bit on the expensive side, you can make your own candelabra or even use less expensive but almost equally effective alternatives.

A black candelabra.
A candelabra is a must in Gothic home decor

To make your perfect gothic candelabra on a budget, you can buy standard candelabra in a thrift shop and then paint it in black to fit your unique décor.

The next thing is to choose dark candles, possibly black, of course. If you want to give your project some elegance, use some chained jewellery to decorate it, and voila! You get perfectly fitting candelabra for your home in just a few steps and without much effort or money.

A workable and almost equally appealing alternative is even less expensive. You need a few glass bottles of various sizes. Paint them black, dark blue or crimson to match the colour of your interior.

Then add some dark candles again. Once these candles start burning and the wax starts running down the bottles, you will get a unique creepy and yet utterly gothic decoration in your living space. 


Old ornate frames are what you need

Old ornate frames are intrinsically related to Gothic home décor. If you haven’t got any of these, a visit to the nearest thrift shop will solve this problem, too.

Once you get these frames, you will probably have to deal with some painting again. Generally, these frames should be black.

Gothic home décor

However, if you want to emphasize the walls they will be hanging on, you can opt for some light colours, too.

The contrast can give the room some exceptional charm both you and your Goth visitors will admire greatly.


Turn your old dolls into Goths as well

Did you know that you can use dolls as a part of your scary Gothic home décor? The perfect choices are old porcelain dolls or Monster High dolls.

A doll in the Gothic style.
Scary dolls are an unavoidable part of Gothic home decor.

To make them more appropriate for your home décor, you will need to deal with some repainting and redressing, but it isn’t a time-consuming process. Quite the opposite! It can help you relax and enjoy your creativity to the fullest.

If you want to make your visitors shudder the moment they set foot into your living space, you can remove eyeballs on some of these beautiful dolls.

Place them on a shelf or a cupboard to keep a steady eye on everybody in the room. 


Flowers are allowed in Gothic home décor

Flowerless Gothic rooms seem incomplete. Thus, choose some wilting flowers that you can leave hanging upside down in some corners of your room.

Also, you can opt for artificial flowers made of silk in, you assume correctly, dark colours. 


Some more ornaments and decorations to fit your home décor

Gothic home décor

There are a few more decorations and ornaments to include in your Gothic home décor on a budget.

Firstly, think about curtains. Black or crimsons will be complementary to other Gothic elements in your rooms.

Then, when choosing rugs for your rooms, those made of black wool are an excellent choice.

If you cannot find them at an affordable price, pick some of the plain or patterned alternatives. However, pay attention that the colour and the pattern match your interior well.

Cushions and pillows are nice decorations and can add up considerably to the beauty of your home. 

You can find some interesting pillow covers in thrift shops. Feel free to experiment with different textures or choose embroidered covers with Gothic motifs

Finally, some dark-themed artwork or macabre prints on your walls are something you should not forget about.

Also, a few scary masks or mosaics will serve the purpose pretty well.


What to do with gothic ornaments and decorations during a relocation?

When the time comes for you to change your home address, moving long-distance or simply settling down in Laurel, MD with some assistance will not cause you any difficulties if you plan the whole process well.

The trick is to hire a reliable and genuinely professional movers who will take the utmost care of your Gothic belongings and make sure they get to the final destination safely. 

Prior to your move, you should make some repairs and deal with painting to prepare the new space for the arrival of your Gothic furniture items, decorations, and ornaments. 

If you want to make some more drastic changes, you can even sell some of your items and then choose carefully the furniture for your new home


Final thoughts on Gothic home décor on a budget

If you are a passionate fan of Gothic home décor, arranging your living space in this style does not necessarily mean paying exorbitant prices. With a few simple yet highly creative ideas, you can easily achieve the effect you are striving for.

Remember that to create an exceptional Gothic haven you need to mix diverse dark colours, but you can also add some light elements to the areas you want to accentuate.

Gothic ornaments are a must but do not spend much money on them. Instead, make them easily from the things you already have at home. All you need is the inspiration, will, and some free time to commit to this endeavour.