Good Cabinets Hardware and Door Handles 

There is a lot to say about solid and stylish cabinets hardware and door handles. Never underestimate the impact switching up your hardware has on a room. Now, imagine transforming your entire home and upcycling all your cabinets and door with solid handles? You’ll never look back.

Let’s get the practical impacts out the way before venturing into the design impact. Of course, solid, quality cabinet hardware and door hardware increases the longevity of your cabinets, giving a new, fresh look to your home for much longer. You’ll notice your hardware still looks the same in years to come as it did the day you purchased it. This is due to the quality of the material and design. Never skimp on quality here, always treat yourself and your home with quality items that will last for years to come, you’ll likely never buy again. Some examples of quality cabinet handles we love are made by designers Buster & Punch, take a look at some of their range here.

One thing to note about spending money on something that is good quality for your home, is to take your time making the decision. Carefully decide what theme you want throughout your home and carry it from the moment you enter the door throughout your home. Consistency with your cabinet and door hardware is key to creating a coherent interior design that sets the tone throughout your home. 

Transform your kitchen…

Sometimes the simple tweak in a change in your cabinet hardware. From wood handles to a brass, gold, or matte black pull bar, can transform your entire kitchen. Simple changes have a huge effect and whilst you might be spending more on quality hardware. You will be saving by transforming your current kitchen rather than entirely purchasing new cabinets. 


There has been a significant increase in upcycling furniture following the pandemic. And increase in awareness surrounding sustainability including fast interior trends. By upcycling your current pieces with new door hardware. Or cabinet hardware you are increasing the longevity of your classic furniture and maintaining style in your home. You could even look at sourcing vintage hardware to compliment aging units, while still refreshing the look. Take a look at this guide.

Transforming your interior doors…

In addition to introducing new cabinet hardware, styling your interior doors with beautifully crafted door hardware in matte black, antique brass, bronze, platinum, or gold depending on the theme of your interior design, finishes off your home entirely. This adds the ultimate finesse, taking your home from beautiful, to chic and stylish very quickly.