Budget-Friendly and Effective Solutions to Update an Ugly Bathtub

A bathtub is often fitted to modify the bathroom and give it a luxurious look. Bathtubs were some of the common additional fittings in the olden times. Everyone is fond of upgrading and renovating their space. Having a bathtub near the shower enhances the beauty at the same time increases your workload. Though they can be the center of attraction of the restroom, cleaning and maintaining them is not at all easy. In the Sunshine Coast, when your landlords come in for inspection and if they happen to notice an untidy bathtub, then you will end up losing your bond money. Deep cleaning of the tubs should be mandatory to keep them away from getting accumulated by dust and dirt. Not just the tubs, but also the cleanliness of the doors, shower blinds, and basins matters. You may not have time to concentrate on getting a regular cleanup done. Hence if you are unaware of the hacks and tips to maintain the hygiene of the bathroom and its fittings and you wish to leave a better impression on the house owner, reliable bond cleaning services can be chosen. Sometimes your bathtub may be all old and worn away. You will not need to replace the tub after trying out these amazing tips mentioned below. The effective guidelines on “how to update an ugly bathtub without replacing it” will be of great help to you and can bring back the glow on your tub.

  • Think of Better Solutions Before you go for Replacement

Revamping a bathroom is an expensive task. Though slight modifications can be made, the whole renovation is a tedious process. Just imagine the amount of hard work required to take out the bathtub as such! Do not extract it, unless it is utmost necessary. It will not only cost you a huge sum of money, but also the clean-up after renovation is going to utilize most of your time and energy. During the tub extraction, in case the tiles get damaged, you will be loaded with a lot of work. So refrain from taking an immediate conclusion. Some techniques will help you repair the tub without much effort and the acrylic liner is the best example for it. 

  • A Tub Liner Works Well to revamp an Ugly Tub

Such tube liners do not spoil the interior walls and floor of your space, hence it is widely preferred. The installation does not take more than two days which makes it even more convenient. Liners are highly demanded by the residents of the Sunshine Coast as it updates their ugly tubs within less time. Well, in some cases where extensive damage is caused to the bathtub or if the bottom of the tub is severely cracked, avoid using a tub liner. You will have to get the tub replaced and repaired in such conditions. Wash the rub off after every shower. If not the area becomes slippery and the stains will sustain. Treat the patches or dirty stains as soon as you observe them, if you fail to do so, you will have to spend a lot of money, time and energy working on it in the long run. Rust and scratches on your beautiful bathroom fitting may be a subject of worry and concern. Acrylic liners are always at your rescue if your tubs have dirty marks on them. Tub liners are easily available in all the stores. You can consult a designer and call him for inspection. Only after that can you choose the perfect liner for your tub. Always remember to avoid water clogging between the new liner and the bathtub. 

  • Choose a Good Technician to Assist you with the Liner

Research and find out the skilled technicians who install the tub liners. You may not be able to handle the entire installation on your own. Once you select a good technician and he is done taking the appropriate dimensions, the installation process will be started. Some parts like the drain and spout of your bathtub will be dismantled after which the surface is thoroughly cleaned with alcohol. Then, the liner is stuck to the tub, and caulking is also put on. Everything will be fully set after the parts are reassembled and thus you can get back a brand new bathtub in almost half the total expense. 

  • Frequent Tub Cleaning is Mandatory

Once the tub is set and modified, preserve its everlasting shine. Make sure to take care of the surface by cleaning it without any delay. Every time the surface becomes dirty, you should clean and wipe it off then and there rather than prolong the cleanup. If you hold back the regular clean-up, the tubs will get stained and patched up and thus it creates a fuss all over again.  

  • Re-glazing is Another Great Option

This process is quite expense-friendly and can be done easily. Here, the tub is treated with chemicals and the results are visible after 36 hours of application. You get back the glow quicker but there are chances for the walls of the tub to crack if the appropriate amount of chemicals is not chosen. You should be extra careful when you carry out this task. You will be surprised by the results you obtain using these guidelines and tub replacement will be a permanent ‘NO’.