7 Home Decor Features That Put Buyers Off

There are plenty of articles online discussing “the most desirable home decor features” and “top home improvements to help sell your house fast”. But what should you avoid when preparing your home for sale? Which home decor features put buyers off and jeopardise your chances of getting offers?

  • Clutter

You might think that a little mess won’t be enough to put buyers off. Surely people can see past a little clutter and appreciate the potential of your home? A messy interior can make it difficult for potential buyers to envision a property as their home. If you have a lot of clutter, it may even prevent people from seeing features that could persuade them to offer. 

While clutter is not a “decor feature” per se, it’s top of our list as it can significantly impact a potential buyer’s impression of your home and their ability to appreciate any appealing decor features. It can also make a property appear smaller than it is.

  • Extreme Minimalism

At the other end of the spectrum to a cluttered home is an extremely minimalist one. Whilst this was a popular look several years ago and is still favoured by many people. Especially those looking for modern homes, it can appear sterile and offputting to many. In 2022, there are newer home decor trends emerging that are the complete reverse of minimalism, like maximalism, which is currently trending on TikTok. Potential buyers need to be able to see your property as a place they can make a home. This requires just the right amount of belongings to add warmth. But not so many that the property feels cluttered and lacking in space.

  • Freestanding Baths

What!? Surely a beautiful freestanding roll top bath is a dream for any buyer? While this may be a popular feature in high-end holiday accommodation and hotels, it can be a hassle to have in the home. Freestanding baths are typically higher maintenance. It may be necessary to make room under the flooring for additional plumbing, and if these pipes leak, it’s often an expensive job to access and repair them.

  • A Kitchen Island

Another wow factor decor feature that will impress many potential buyers. But only if there is sufficient space to accommodate one. Squeezing a kitchen island into a small kitchen will make the space feel cramped. Many people see the kitchen as the main social hub of a house. If there is little floor or seating space, this may deter people from making an offer.

  • Statement Flooring

This may seem like a great way to inject a bit of personality into your home. But quirky designs can quickly look outdated. And what is “fun” and “stylish” to you may be garish and unappealing to potential buyers. Flooring is a big expense, so if the style you have chosen is offputting to others, this may be enough to prevent someone from making an offer and make it harder for you to sell your house fast.

  • Dark Rooms

The more space and light there is in your home. The more appealing it will be to anyone who steps into it. Painting small rooms in dark colours. Opting for heavy curtains that block out natural light and obscuring windows or skylights are big no-nos. Use light natural tones, let natural light flood in and brighten up dark spaces with carefully-chosen artificial lighting.

  • An Overgrown Garden

Many people neglect the exterior of their property when considering what decor will help them sell a property fast. But gardens have become increasingly important to buyers during the pandemic. As we’re spending more time at home for work and leisure than ever before. An overgrown garden makes it difficult for potential buyers to appreciate its space and potential. It may also give the impression that the garden is a challenge to maintain. Which may put off all types of buyers. From young professionals and busy parents to retirees looking to downsize. Keep the space tidy and uncluttered, like the inside of your home.

If you opt for an on-market sale, it will be impossible to control how quickly your home will find a buyer. However, avoiding these decor mistakes and catering to the most popular buying trends will increase the chances of a quick house sale for a fair price.