5 Modern Trends in New Home Designs 

Designing a new home involves more than choosing an architectural composition and drafting a blueprint. The entire process is complex and needs to be well-planned. Modern homeowners want houses that reflect their tastes and sensibilities. While still keeping an eye on contemporary styles and trends. 

Homebuilders and their designers work diligently to design homes buyers will love which is evident in the design of many apartments. They toil over every aspect and work to create homes. Homes that individuals love and want to buy while keeping value in mind

But modern trends in new home designs change quickly, and it isn’t always easy to keep up with the times. To that end, how do you know what’s en vogue. And what’s old hat? Keep reading to find out what modern designs are trending in 2022. 

#1 Simplifying The Color Palette 

Most people are likely to notice the color of any new home. Your house’s color can either elevate or decimate your overall design. Whether on a crowded city street or a sprawling subdivision, the color of your home speaks volumes about your tastes.

We’re staying away from flashy, bright colors that swamp the sightline this year. Instead, we’re opting for softer, richer hues that reflect sophisticated, modern sensibilities. Instead of heady yellows and whites so bright they blind, consider:

  • Neutral palettes – Subdued, muted shades that undulate and transform with the light make for homes that complement and merge with their surroundings instead of detracting from them. Beige, grays, succulent creams, and browns of every shade top this year.
  • Soft whites – Who doesn’t love a classic white house? Quiet, understated white paint or siding makes for crisp, clean, welcoming homes that speak of ageless elegance. This year, we haven’t forsaken the timeless appeal of white. We’re just toning it down some. 
  • Dark earth tones – On the other end of the spectrum, opting for dark earth tones is a sure-fire way to impress your neighbors with a home that raiders vitality, luxury, and drama. Consider deep, lush greens, dark blues, amber-tinted browns, and fanciful shades of rust-red. 
  • Bold accents – Homeowners who moonlight as statement makers shouldn’t underestimate the power of bold accents. Stand-out accent colors achieve a polished and refined aesthetic without sacrificing whimsy and originality. This year, among the other modern trends in new home designs are eaves, trims, entry doors, garage doors, and exterior accents in statement-making black or bold colors.

#2 Mixed Materials (Are Mixing In)

From contrasting colors to contrasting the material elements of your home, this year is all about texture. And there are few better ways to bolster a home’s visual flair than by mixing and matching building materials of all kinds, such as:

  • Stonework – From stately brick and sleek concrete to natural stones that are warm and inviting, incorporating stone into the exterior of your home adds textural appeal and depth. Natural stones like limestone, quartzite, and travertine offer an understated glamor that softens bold colors but not their impact, while concrete and brick project a refined, modern simplicity. 
  • Natural wood – Real wood features for home exteriors will never go out of style, and this year, they’re as popular as ever. From shiplap and shake shingle siding to tones of cypress, cedar, and other trees, using wood elements helps balance the more complex look of brick and natural stone.
  • Metals – Heavy metals of all kinds are making a comeback in 2022. Zinc, copper roofs, and siding are eye-catching and sophisticated, especially in bold earth tones like greens, reds, and blacks. On the other hand, metal elements like lighting fixtures, gables, gutters, and downspouts offer a more classic, streamlined approach. 

#3 Bringing The Outside In 

Modern trends in new home designs this year are bringing the outside in with dazzling glass options that make transparency an ideal. Whether you’re in an oceanside home with a view of the sea or an inland dwelling, you’ll be firmly in step with contemporary styles if you go for glass.

Think beyond your standard windows or entry door inserts when it comes to glass. Instead, opt for expansive, overlarge windows that offer panoramic views of your surroundings. For the ultimate in modern austerity, consider full-glass entry doors and floor-to-ceiling windows that flood your home with natural light.

#4 Outdoor Living Environments 

From patios and pergolas to porches and balconies, options for outdoor living are more in demand than ever before. Fortunately, home designers and architects are rising to meet the challenge. 

Classic options like swimming pools and decks aren’t going anywhere in 2022. But they aren’t the only features that can make your home as comfortable on the outside as inside. This year, backyards are becoming resorts with: 

  • BBQ pits
  • Gazebos
  • Sheltered lounges
  • Sofas, sectionals, loungers, and other seating 
  • Grills, fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces

Additionally, making it easy to get outside is a related trend this year. Accessibility is paramount. 

Sliding doors and retractable walls eliminate physical barriers between outside and in, allowing your family to move quickly between the two. And you can capitalize on the current rage for glass with extra windows and doors that remove visual interruptions, letting your home transition seamlessly from inside to out.

#5 Eco-Friendly Homes 

In 2022, sustainability is more important than ever. People want homes that make it easier for them to live in ways that lessen their environmental impact. This year, modern trends in new home designs have an eye on environmentalism, particularly with the passive home.

Passive homes recycle and reuse their energy, drawing from the sun, wind, and even the appliances for sustainability. These steps help decrease your family’s reliance on limited natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Passive homes use modern green technologies like solar panels, heat storage technology, reverse-osmosis water systems, and intelligent features to achieve higher sustainability. 

To sum up…

When it comes to building a new home, you need people who can answer your questions guide you through the process, and help you purchase the home you want. National home builders and local home builders alike are leading the way in designing modern homes that accommodate busy lifestyles. Check with your local builder for up-to-date information about the contemporary upgrades, features, and design styles they include in the homes they build. 

With modern floor plans and quality materials, you and your family can focus on creating lasting memories.

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